Ripe Trichomes photo

Hi, I’ve got Super Silver Haze going on 10 weeks from beginning to flower. It’s a really small plant, growing in Australia outside, however bulked up. The pistels are browning and the Trichomes are milky. My question is does anyone have a photo of what the Trichomes should look like for perfect harvest. Thanks appreciate any help.

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Thanks for the great photos, I appreciate your help


Can anyone help an old man out? First time grower, trying hard to not screw up. I’m growing a white widow auto and she’s done quite nicely for my first successful grow I think.

Picture of my wife trying to help my shaky hands look at the trichomes. Lol.

Trying to decide if she is ready for harvest.

If this was my plant I’d be waiting until the white hairs have turned more brown, seems you may have a bit more growth left in her, I personally wouldn’t harvest yet on that one.

That’s what I was thinking. But I wanted to make sure I was reading it right. I’m thinking I still have about 2ish weeks left in flower. I didn’t make a grow journal and I’m guessing at times and wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna end up with a batch of couch lock.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

She is going to fatten up for you now. Do you remember when she started to flower? From the looks of it I’d say 3 weeks maybe 4 but if you do not want the sedated feeling then keep checking the trichomes. Make sure it’s on the bud when you check, the trichs on sugar leaves will ripen quicker than buds from what I’ve been told.

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No probs … good luck with it, she looks like she’s going to be really nice :+1:

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From what I can tell she’s about 4-5 weeks into flower as of tomorrow. I’ve been lax in my record keeping. (Lesson learned). I got over excited on my first grow. I’m going to doo better with this next grow. I’m starting it today, I believe. Got an email saying the seeds were out for delivery so I will be sprouting 3 new seeds tonight. I posted this elsewhere, but I’ll ask here too.

I’ve got a 4x4 tent and I ordered the high yield mix pack (chocolope, big bud, and amnesia haze). I thinking I shouldn’t go over 3 plants in that space. I know I could flip early and go with more, but I think it would be better to try to let them do their thing and get decent size. Any suggestions either way? I’ll be using 5 gallon pots.

This was her on 12/27

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