Ripe bud method

Had to show n tell Cutting a few buds here n there as they ripen giving them a quick not final trim here’s a pic probably cutting a half ounce a day every day for the last few days haven’t even taken 15percent of my plant yet here ya are orange cookies, had me knocked out :fire:


Smells like a sweet Mandarin orange almost over ripe. Plan to reveg the plant since it is no longer obtainable anywhere


We would all like a clone please

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At 10hours in drying those three colas pictured are still sitting over 90grams

Hopefully she lives to reveg can’t get her anywhere anymore gonna change her with some fresh soil give her blood meal for nitrogen and put her on 18houra light

Update; unfortunately within a 48 hour period my pink lemonade died from what I believe was potential root root and high heat even when bone dry going to water fluid will come out from the bottom almost instantly and roots don’t hold water. All the leafs turned brown and crispy forcing me to harvest a week and a half before planned while ts sister(same father) sits fine still in the tent still developing it’s pistils. Disappointed still drying don’t know the final weight but definitely not over an oz where’s as the plant right ext to her raised identicallly gave me at last 5 ozs

Here’s the it’s sibling purple pieledies a thc cbd balanced strain