Rinsing w/ ff sledghammer

I did not use sledgehammer before flipping to 12/12, ( prolly should have) only used sledgehammer before taking some of the parts that had All Cloudy Trics,( 2 gals w/sledgehammer and a gal of plain then 3 days of 3 gals a day to runoff) Chocolope and Bubba Kush are finishing first sooo I took the All cloudy and left the rest to go amber! Fed a full nute drench yesterday tomorrow will be the last I feed them… THEN… 2 gals of water with sledgehammer and a gal of plain then the rest of the week plain ol water.then I’ll take them out.:eyes:


So on the feeding schedule this is to be used between weeks 4 and 5. If I’m currently in a 1 gallon pot, I would mix the 2 tsp in a gallon of water. So, for the flush, would I spray the whole gallon of water into the soil within one day? Is that what it means by the flush? I just don’t want to overwater my plants, thank you for the clarification.

@latewood WHY DO I KEEP GETTING THIS BACKWARDS? I have been flushing my plants with sledgehammer FIRST! THEN using the ph water AFTER!

@latewood you really dont have to answer that. i know why i did it. dumb noob

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On the topic of Sledgehammer-
I am in week eight in soil - turned to 12/12 two weeks ago - just got my hands on the Sledgehammer- what happens if I flush them now ? Do I just wait until then end - I know I should have flushed before flipping- first time grower - but what to do now - ?? Thanks for your knowledge.

Fox farms recommends a flush every 4 weeks. I just flushed Before switching to 12/12. I’m going to do it again once more at week 4 of flower.

I was really nervous to flush with sledgehammer but it worked out for me.

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To Flush or not to flush (soil grow)

This is only you have been feeding nutes. If you’re in soil like ocean forest, you likely won’t be using nutes during veg so the flush cycles can be skipped until nutes are being added.


When I flushed my plants I mixed one gallon of the sledge watered slowly no runoff yet let it sit for about 10 15 mins then flushed another gallon of just water through and tested runoff to get ppm this is in a 3 gallon fabric pot too if ppm are where you want after second gallon no need for anymore but you can if it needs a ppm meter is a must though hope this helps I know sometimes people’s vague descriptions don’t help I’m the same need details almost need to see someone do it before I get it down

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I just flushed my Bubble gum auto with sledgehammer, i’m in FFOF and FFHF soil using FF Trio. my plant is in a 5 gal fabric pot. I read a post by @BobbyDigital; flush with sledgehammer wait about an hour then flush with 4 gals of Ph’d water then the last gal give your nutes for the week you are in. My plant was in week 7 on FF feed schedule. Scroll up to @NeoGroR Jun 19 he has a link “To Flush or not to Flush” (soil grow) that will take you to @BobbyDigital post. Sorry about the round about way to get there LOL.


What PPM do you think is acceptable before cut? My last one was around 500. Maybe a bit lower. Smokes great. No notible crackling. Happy Frog but mostly Ocean Forest. Fox Farm Nutes as scheduled from Fox Farm. My Tap runs around 71 PPM.

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Does anybody know what this Green thing is I’m not sure if it’s a banana or apart of the process also my pistils started turning red in week 4 seems a bit early

They still got a ways ago it’s normal to have a few reds early on @Ambitiousrj didn’t realize how old this post was sry

Do u have to PH flush after mixing or ph water before mixing flush???

Always adjust pH after adding things to your water and before giving to your plants.

As menitoned above. always PH your reservoir if you add anything. It may not be necessary, but check anyway.

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I have seen it necessary to flush when running the ff line up. I failed to follow schedule one time. Nutrient lock out is totally ugly. Matter of fact right now not flushing my rock wool cubes has bit me. But it is my first true hydro go around. Whoever is thinking of skipping I put a weeks pay on it that eventually your going to realize ff puts it on their feed schedule for a reason.


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Also if using sledgehammer… Make sure to allow the soil to dry afterwards. The stuff that breaks surface tension needs to dry before you add more nutes. I failed to due so my first grow and ended up chasing deficiencies to the end of the grow.

FF reps told me you only need to flush with sledgehammer to 20-30% runnoff.


I did one gallon of sledgehammer per plant then waited 45 to 1 hour. 3 gallons of water for a flush put them back that was mid to late afternoon yesterday. 36 hours before that I did two gallon flush each plant. I woke up this morning letting them rest. I still don’t know if I did this sledgehammer right some people did it the way I did it some people did water first and then sledgehammer. So that’s why I did a pre-flush sledgehammer and then flush LOL try to cover all bases. This is all wild music of course is playing in me talking if you knew me you can’t shut me up sometimes.
My big question what kind of nutrients should I do this morning or should I just leave and do water for the next 24 hours. The water coming out was perfect pH level PPM was a little high. I only have so much pH water making process to flush I got to build a newer system just for flushing.
Thank you everybody

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This is what I got from Fox Farms (via @MrPeat)

Thank you for contacting FoxFarm, I’m happy to help!

To perform a flush with the Sledgehammer product, you will want to prepare the mixture at a rate of 2 tsp per gallon of water. You will use the Sledgehammer standalone. Pour the solution over the soil and use about twice as much solution to flush as you would if you were normally watering or feeding. For example, if on a normal watering you use a half gallon, for a flush you would use a whole gallon. Once this is done, let the soil dry completely. After that you can pick up with the next feeding as scheduled.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


They told me the same on the phone when I used it.