Rileyss' outdoor garden grow

I never made a post special to my garden grow so here it is!

Thank you all for the input on my hydro grow! Now here’s something I haven’t updated you on in a while!

My garden grow… 3 bag seed, 3 whitewiddow auto, 2 grape ape, 2 gelato clones from my hydro.

These are pictures of my wwa. Can anyone tell how long till harvest?.. Also it may have gotten pollinated… I’m scared that those swollen pods have seeds in them… I’m no expert I’d like to hear from other people.


Some people who have been following along my hydro grow recently… @Hellraiser @Cannabian @KJ @NeoGroR @SKORPION


@Hellraiser @Cannabian does this look ready to harvest?

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Almost but not seeing much amber trics, I’d wait another week at least.

I was afraid they may have gotten pollinated so I was wondering if harvesting early would save it

Nope! If you got grenaded, you got seeds brewing. If the grenade just went off the seed may not be mature, but it will be there. You have some time left in my opinion.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give it another week and hope that she isnt completely loaded with seeds… would it be possible to take that flower full of seeds and just make bubble hash or something out of it

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Uh yeah for sure! You can also bust your buds and clean the seed out and roll a joint. Its still good pot, just has seed in it, no biggie.

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So it’s been a week and here are updated pics of the thricomes… this is the best my camera lenses can do but I have a new toy off Amazon. Says it will be here tomorrow morning and I will post updated pictures…

Thoughts? @Cannabian @Hellraiser. Thanks for all the help latley guys!

Seeing some ambers, I’d say you are good to harvest anytime you want, could go a little longer if you want more couch-lock.

Thanks for the reply! I will post some better pictures tomorrow if my new lense works correctly! If all looks good will cut and hang tomorrow. At 60% humidity how long is normal dry time?

yep cut er doon!

Is it necessary to do a bud wash on these outdoor plants? I’m turning everything from my outdoor garden into concentrates, hash, keif, rosin and leaving my indoor stuff to smoking.

@Cannabian harvested a sickly plant with larfy buds today that looked ready and had completely stopped growing the past week… it just started to rain so it looks like the other plant gets another day or few untill it drys up enough for me to get into the garden

No its not required. Especially if you plan on doing extracts, the process should clean any small crud out. Dust and stuff will come out with the 70 mocron screen, leaving trichomes ontop. The larger screens will sift the bigger crap like bugs and seeds / stems and most leaf matter.
Are you doing bubble hash or dry sift or dry ice? What process will you employ?
I just ordered a large medtainer for lower grade bounce and the 4 medium dry sift screens from bubblemans Ill order Monday.

Many hash growers traditionally go long on their buds to get the most ripe trichs they can produce. Im going to try to run a bit long this fall to see if I can max out my trichome production. Maybe do some stress watering, ie starve em a bit towards the end.

@Cannabian I just got a 110 micron sift tray to do dry sift with… I was considering leaving her in the garden today… upon close inspection of my plant I found lots of bud rot forming All over my plants temps outside have been 90degrees+ with 70-85% humidity. After seeing that I decided today was the day no point in risking what I got to get destroyed by next week’s forecast of 80+ humidity

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I also have a low temp rosin press starter kit coming in the mail I ordered it on there 7/10 sale and have seen great reviews on YouTube. I’m hoping it will be well worth the money!

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@Cannabian @Hellraiser decided that I would put my unused scrog net that I built to use as a drying rack after bud wash. Giving them time to drop dry before putting on coat hangers


My photo period plants have yet to show any signs of flowering…

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@Hellraiser @Cannabian