Right or wrong but I think it works

So i retired from the army in 2015
Im a old pothead at 64 but quit from the 90s till i retired. A lid used to cosy $20 filled with seeds. I started smoking and buy reg cause i smoke a lot and its cheap. I started playing around and this is my 2nd or 3rd grow in a 36x36 tent. I try to get off cheap but buy my seeds from ilgm. These are autoflowering. Maybe a month or 6 weeks. The one with buds is a old one i started. I use 5 gal fabric and coco/ perlite mix. First time ive tried this. I water with micro- grow -bloom everyday 6 times a day.for 60 seconds using a cheap auto waterer. Ph is right. Im just a old pothead thats trying to stay cheap.



Hooah! Army vet as well, hope your grow goes well.

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Funny my grow journal was titled right or wrong. I’m 62 and learning this stuff, Your tent looks great, happy growing :smile:

I feel like as long as it works then it’s fine! Things can always be better but I’m pretty sure everyone feels that way lol. I like your setup.

I look at it this way you grow how you can afford to grow not how everyone “thinks” you should grow. Heck I never expected to get this far my plant is in flower now.

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nice stuff! You wouldnt hurt anything to pluck off the yellow leaves and do some clean up below the canopy.
Theres a bunch of useless material down under that could be removed. It would helo air flow a lot and put some energy into the upper bits. Thanks for your service.


I took one of y’alls advice and cleaned them up.

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Are you using soil?

If you want to save money one of the best things you can do is grow your own seeds. The second thing is to invest in efficient lights (depending on your energy cost). Some import LEDs are less efficient than HID lights, excluding the heat waste issues.

If ur using soil or coco and u have a gnat problem based on the fly trap u wanna know one thing that will get rid of them for good? Worm castings… not only that but casting make the plant thrive more and many other benefits. U can put it on the top of the soil/coco and mix with ur soil aswell. I do both and no more gnats at all.

coco and pearlight mix

coco and perlite mix

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I would get some worm castings and if anything put it on the top. Look into it. I use every grow.

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Just recently i did have one pot without worm castings cause I didn’t feel like getting it and had gnats bad so that forced me to buy some and no gnats anywhere in site now

As long as it’s working for you, and you’re happy with what you’re getting, that’s all that matters. Happy growing Sarge!


these are how thw are today. I trimmed some leaves a week or so ago and threw a tablespoon of worm casting in yesterday.

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I have those same Mars lights.