Rigging a carbon filter to my grow box?

Hi guys,

I’ve tried ONA Gel, but I’d feel better if I could remove more of the smell, without the strong odour of the ONA gel…

So, I’m working with this grow box.


Can someone help find a setup and kindly explain a good way to remove the smells?

It’s a pretty small box, so I’m guessing 100CFM should be more than enough.

If you need any more info, let me know and I’ll see if I can get the answer.

Maybe something to hook up to 1 of the exhaust holes to suck air or pull air out through a carbon filter perhaps?

Thanks for the help!

The only thing I found to work was a carbon filter find a small one and set it up inside the box up the top with the fan I did this in a fridge and it just sounds like a normal fridge I have had ppl standing next to it and they didnt look at it twice
I found a small one from Filtaroo its 100mm x 150mm only 15 cm of carbon area but it works well for my small setup with the smallest inline fan I could get (290 m3/h) (airflow) amd added a Fan speed controlor to slow the fan down to about 100m3/h to make it queiter.
I used an odor sock and it worked fine untill it rained and the humidity went above 75 then it stopped working setting off panic lol

I have spent alot of time researching this for stealth if you want I will help with setting up or sourcing parts just ask
I am so happy with my fridge and how is sounds and looks lol
I am in the middle of sourcing parts for a bigger one not sure if a 2 door fridge or office cupboard
I am house bound and its nice to have some thing to do so I make plans lol

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Hey @Iva I understand.
That is a big reason why I worry about getting this stuff correct the first time.
I’m not able to just run out to the store, or easily return items, and never mind not having the money to toss around. lol

So, I think I’m starting to get a picture about how this stuff works. :slight_smile:
So, right now I’m looking at this combo for the fan, and filter.

I’d also probably buy the speed adjuster…

I would also need to buy something like this for the ducting…?

How hard is it to work with stuff like this?

I have to order everything in so I like to get it right first time if I can :slight_smile:[quote=“StonedBlind, post:4, topic:6247”]
So, I think I’m starting to get a picture about how this stuff works. :slight_smile:So, right now I’m looking at this combo for the fan, and filter. http://growershouse.com/hurricane-4-inch-171-cfm-fan-phresh-200-carbon-filter-combo

I’d also probably buy the speed adjuster…

I would also need to buy something like this for the ducting…?Common Culture Black Lightproof Ducting w/Clamps direct from Growers House

Just find out how much noise the inline makes some of the cheaper ones sound like a 747 lifting off :airplane:

You need a minimum 190 Cfm extraction fan, you loose 1/3rd Cfm by hooking up to a carbon filter. and then loose more each bend of the ducting. A vivosun has a built in speed controller, as you’ll want to fine tune the negative pressure and humidity ect.

Proceed accordingly.


The grow box is about 13 inches deep, about 18 wide, and 4 FT Tall.

That’s not even 20CFM is it?

Or, is my math not right?

You would need 152 CFM for optimal including the filter for six cubic feet
This will give you just over 3-4 min total air exchange time

That’s Aprox 12 cubic feet. You don’t want to get a fan that will only do 100 max with no resistance. You want something that you can account for bends in ducting, filters, ect. Each thing looses Cfm, cubic feet per minute. You also don’t want to run your fan at max cause it’ll wear out much faster plus electricity will be more and noise will be more. A larger fan turned down is always quieter than a smaller fan turned all the way up.

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Hmm, the fan I linked too says it’s 170CFM… you think that will work then?

I don’t really want to have to do major work on the box, so I’d like to try to use the holes already in the box…

Unless it is possible to rig up a 6 inch fan.

I’m worried about how I’m going to fit the 4 inch fan, filter, ETC in this box as it is. lol

I also don’t want to spend $$$ and it not work either. haha

I am just using a 4 inch turned down to min and its more then enough for my 8 cf + 1500mm filter and its very quiet
My LED is louder.

I would be happy with those results.
So, any concerns on how to install something like the system I linked too, in this box?

Like, ways to hang the filter, and installing the fan?

Will I need anything else to work with this stuff?
Fan, Filter, Ducting… What about to cut the ducting, will a knife work?

scissors and wire cutters for cutting ducting
If you use a 4 inch inline and small carbon filter you can hang it up the top with little loss of space
Mine is in a fridge so I put it where the compressor was in the bottom and I run the ducting down the back but you need to leave room behind it if that doesn’t look at of place
Its winter here atm so I run air from the seedling area thru the grow area for extra heat.

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What about the weight?

I think it said the filter weighed almost 30LBS! Is that right?

It’s a 4 X 12 inch filter…

Hanging that might mean I need to drill something in the top of the grow box to run something through to hang it from, I’m guessing?

The only thing now is a little thing to hang my LED from, and I’m not sure there is enough room for the filter to hang down abuv it, or strong enough to hold the LED and the Filter. lol

Any help picking things out like this? :slight_smile:

He is a complete 4 inch carbon filter /fan set up, something like this would do a great job


Yeah 170cfm should be good. Does it come with a speed controller? If it’s one you need a separate controller for do research in reviews and make sure they pair up.

P.S. You could put the filter on the outside and suck out air that filters through from the inside out, instead of inside the tent and filtering outside in. If it won’t fit.

Suck air out into your fan, and out your fan into the inside of the filter, filtering outwards. Make sense? But only certain filters can go inside out, most are rated outside in. So again look at reviews and descriptions.

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Ok, so the combo I linked too has arrived…

I don’t think the fan will be able to mount on the inside of my grow box…
Not unless I lower the light a few more inches, which I really don’t want to do…

I think I’m going to try to hang the carbon filter on it’s side, along the top of the grow box, and run the ducting from the filter, through 1 of the premade exhaust holes, and have the fan on the outside…

But, what would be a good way to secure the filter?

I was thinking of using 2 more of those eye hook things, like the LED is hanging from, and looping some rope through them, and putting that around each end of the filter.

Does this make sense?

Or, would something like this possible work for me?


Just trying to find something that is simple to rig up, and safe.

You have an LED light, so maybe pull the air out, through the inline fan and blow it into the filter ?

The complete reverse of mounting the filter in the tent, I’m pretty sure that would work although I’ve never tried it, but others do it

You’re going to need speed control switch for the fan too

@Hammer is the one that helped me out with my ventilation, also @Donaldj when I was setting it up for the first time, maybe they can offer some insight ?

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work just fine … just make sure that what ever you use . that it stays secure if you bump it by accident …Hammer

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