Rick Simpson Oil Anyone Make It?

Hi All,
I was diagnosed with Live Cancer on 5-3-15 a week after being told my damaged Liver rejuvenated beyond the point where a transplant was no longer needed. A nodule in the throat, stomach and lungs were also found. I give Cannabis and ILGM a large part of the recovery. The victory was short lived. The transplant team knows of my habit and said after a transplant I should only Vaporize or edibles.

That being said, I meet with Oncology this coming week and will do what ever they recommend.

I am also going to make Rick Simpson Oil. I am hoping someone out there can help answer question?


  1. What is the difference of a Rice Cooker and a Crock Pot?

  2. The recipe calls for Indica and not Satva. I have Roberts Gold Leaf and Super Skunk to harvest in 3weeks. Yield will be the biggest and tightest buds to date. Total prime bud yield estimate is 12-14 ounces. Is that Indica enough?

The purest Isotropy Alcohol I can find is 99.5%. Can I get 99%?

I’m sure more help will be wanted.

Time to kick Cancer’s ASS!


They have hemp oil and cbd e vapor on Amazon.

Amen to that brother
I made a batch of that Rick Simpson oil. Just do what he says to do and get the rice cooker is the way to go I don’t know what it is but ya go with the rice cooker.
I made some awesome oil
for under $100 bucks



TM … I belong to a breast cancer support site and a few of the ladies are trying the Rick Simpson Oil. I wish you much success with the oil … and yeah … let’s kick some cancer ass!!


TM can you post the recipe to make it? I can’t seem to find it or one I trust.

the article for naking the Rick Simpson Oil is on this website.
Look under "Hemp Oil, Make the Medicine. Since I can’t find 100% Isopropyl Alcohol I will look into naphtha.


Thanks for the help

When you get it figured out , please post follow details as to some might be interested in learning . I’m doing everything possible to help my second oldest sister fight the brutal desease cancer . Lost my oldest sister to the same colon cancer at age 39 , and now 46 year old is suffering with stage two , besides I’m having slight health issues myself , and sick and tired of super powerful heroin pills that hurts other organs trying to fix one .

Yoshi, just go to the web site Rick Simpson hash oil.com there you will find everything you need to know. I did and I used low grade stuff and WOW!!


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Is it that one hitter quitter type stuff?

Not the stuff I made. I took to much and was floating for two days but I felt no pain at all. NONE!! I still have 1 1/2 teaspoons left. SWEET



Ok will do , I have a quart size zip lock bag full of leaves and small per flower stems I could have cloned , but no room …uhhhh !!!

SWEET…that will work. This time item making hash…Dam I love the smell and taste of HASH!!

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Yeah it does more of buzz with less , and it packs a hard punch first hit !!!

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I found that out the hard way…lol



You was on Pluto huh …lmao ! But you liked it I’m sure !!!

LOL…Dam right I did…Lao


Which method do you use when making hash?I was gonna try the dry ice method if everything works out cause it looks easy.

That’s what I use. I Have 5 different colored bags.
Works great. Just need a drill and a paint mixing rod. Their called Biubble bags you can find them on Ebay or Amazon


So I need bubble bags and dry ice and solvent ?