Rice husks ,,coconut fiber

im in an Asian country with limited access to stuff, they dont have a
garden store in this entire city of 2 million. I can get black cow shit soil looks not bad but cant get vermiculite or perolite. Im trying rice husks
and pieces of coconut fibre (small pieces ) The soil registers 7.0 on my ph meter . Runoff is at 3.8 ph . Im letting tap water sit to dissapate the chlorine , i water at 6.2 but the water runs right through the soil to the bottom , any ideas?


Welcome to the community I’d like to tag @garrigan62 for suggestions on your soil.

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I am new here also and try to keep it simple. Not sure if mentioning name of soil I use is permissible on Forums, but I use ocean blend with added perlite for good drainage.

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I don’t PH but if soil is 7 and runoff 3.8 I think you have an issue with you PH testing.

What’s the water ph going in?

Rill hulls work good, coco fiber should help.

I know you said no garden stores but can you get peat moss? You need some humus.

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@Luckyone and @sandman1

Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our awesome community which i see you both have met just a small jroup of fokes so far.

But first, @sandman1, That sounds like a good starting soil. But on the back of the bag there will be the N. P .k See what the N is and all the other admenments that you added.
She dosent need nutrients untill she has 5 or 6 true sets of leaves. When they pop they have their own surply of nutrients
I MAKE MY OWN SOIL SO IF YOU EVER NEED ANYTHING you just tag me. I haveplenty to help you out and before you know it youll be making uour own soil and helpping others …LIKE ME…hahahaha


B Safe

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You’ll need a digital ph meter, and PPM meter. Not the kind that sticks in the soil.
Coconut fiber is a good medium to grow in, it’s a soilless, so you’ll need to feed right away.
Welcome to ILGM.

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Fox Farms is brand and thanks. Ya my setup is like a big computer case 4footx30inches and not quite 5foot tall insulated with Led light. Mylar on inside walls but, I am doing an overhaul of space in future. Later.

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I just got done doing that.
I took down my 6x6x72 tent and 4x5x72 and two 3x3x72 tents.
Know I have more room and updated my lights but still have my HPH 1000 watts and two 400 watt HPS

Ya I looked it up

I have just started Auto Flowing as of today 9 Autos I’ll send you a link when I post my jouranl.
Al ltogetther ill have 45 plants coming in. Every 10 days behind each other ending with 15 photos

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Thank you for the replies folks, I brought the peat pellets from Mexico , you literally cant get anything here, im in the philippines where they shoot you for drugs , they think weed is heroin. I made a mistake on the runoff , measured at 8.0 sorry. im looking into ordering vermiculite from China major clusterf*ck buying anything here. ordering on line is a crap shoot. You cant just walk into HomeDepot and buy a bag of potting soil here, they just dont sell it
PHilippinos would never buy it , they get dirt from relatives in the country , so do the plant sellers. Most plant sellers are “side of the road” who knows where the dirt comes from . Ive done some reading here and boned up on info , havent grown for 25 yrs, now Im where you produce your own or you smoke dirtweed at 3 dollars a doob.
Lived in Mexico for the last 23 yrs , smoke is cheap , plentiful and not bad. Im growing bag seed I brought in my pockets. hehe a little sweaty at LAX. But this sativa is potent and tasty when grown right.
Ive learned the tap water here is heavily laced with chlorine I was having bad germination rates. I also wasnt used being so fastidious with PH i grew in BC last and the water quality is best in the world.
THe water here leaves a white residue on your kettle , in a year they are garbage , throw em away. So now Im letting the water sit 48 hrs to dissipate the chlorine and PHing at 6.2 , I think they are going to shoot up. I wont get fooled again ( pete townsend)

Where are you getting the coconut fiber? People grow in that alone, it’s just different than growing in an amended soil. You need to add all of your nutrients and water often.

this is the tropics , coconuts everywhere. I only used coconut husks , broken up into little pieces to try to replicate vermiculate. Aerate the soil , give some drainage capabilities. But is the pieces are too big
(mistake) they hold water and get soggy , promote root rot. I since learned to chop them up in cubes. And use a little more rice husk .

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