RH packs ? Which one?

Boveda or integra??? Anyone used both? Any difference? Ordering today and would like some input as I’ve never used them. Thanks

55% good for drying and 62% good for curing I do believe that is how it goes.

I have the technic down just wondering which “brand” is better? Any advantages one over the other?

The technology behind the packs is pretty simple. Both Boveda and Integra packs do the same job the same way. I went with Boveda since Integra packs were a lot more expensive for some reason.

I use Boveda packs 62% for curing and storing.

Interesting, integrated is being sold for 1/2 the price as boveda at this point, I will double ck the site again.

The Integra packs I get locally have a little pink dot that supposedly turns blue when the pack reaches the end of its useful life. And they’re cheaper.

I bought mine on Amazon where a 10 pack of Boveda was about 14 bucks. Integra goes for $30.00 for a 12 pack. But there may be better deals out there which means skip Amazon and shop around.

[Edit: Weird, I just checked Amazon again and there are definitely cheaper options for Integra. There’s a 10 pack of 55% RH for $9.73 and a 12 pack of 62% RH for $12.95. I apologize if I lead anyone astray. Not my intention.]