Rh in early flower

Hello all and happy fathers day. My Wonder Woman plant is about two weeks into flower and the rh inside my tent is in the mid 30's. Is that too low? Should I try to bring it up 10-15 degrees and then back down last two weeks? If so, how? A bowl of water? Moist towels hanging over top bars? I thank you!!!!

Rh is 70% in weeks 1 -3 and at 60% 4 and 5 50% till harvest

Thanks BidDaddyCain.

i would say last week 40% only for optimum metabolism

Hey there RubiBANANA666. Thanks for the info. I am at about 40% now with about two weeks to go. Had some other problems early on(bugs) but still looks like a nice harvest. I can’t wait to try this strain, but with another 1.5 - 2 months to go for finish, dry and cure I still have a while to go!!

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40% is two low it makes the plant waste energy

@BigDaddyCain nope…40% is ok
i would say and im sure, first 3 weks of flower 50%-60%, 4-6 week 50% and last two weeks 40%.
Dry out with 40% for a week or 10 days and you can smoke your baby :slight_smile:

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Now that sounds like good news! Thanks buddy! I don’t have a smart phone or digital camera but maybe someday soon I will and can post pictures too. Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable and I truly appreciate you all!!!

K I dry at 50% rh that’s as low as I go and I dry for 7-10 days then I cure for 7-14 days

That is my method as well. Do you use the humidity control packs in your mason jars? I have not, but have been considering trying them soon.

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@ggr yes if I go past my 10 day drying and this batch I’m at like day 16 so I’ll put the 62% packet in with them to try to rehydrate them a bit so the smoke won’t be harsh I like smooth smoke that couch locks me lol. I also put the62% in when they are done cursing to keep them fresh for months lol

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Cool man. I think I will put those on my list. Thanks!

thank you very much for this post , its exactly what Ihave been searching for. :man_farmer:

Yes, this post covered some questions on my mind also. Like I have said,. It is great to finally have access to such a tremendous knowledge base.