Rh During Curing

I dried for 4 days in my drying tent for with 50-55rh and temps 70-75. After trimming and jarring my buds Rh in the jars are only 57% after 8 hours. I cant imagine that they over dried that quickly in those conditions. Should i still burp twice a day or should i let the Rh climb for 25 hours than start?

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The RH will probably come back up some after they release more moisture from the middle of the nugs. You still need to burp to let out the gasses released during curing or you’ll end up with a nasty damp hay smell and flavor.


Next time I would try to get the temperature down a little bit it will better fit a slow drying process. 65 to 70
as @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie mentioned I would continue to burp the jars and monitor moisture level. Good luck

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I keep my drying room at 65% and 65F. This allows for a 10 day drying period and preserves terpenes.