RH Control During the Cure

Curing in mason jars. I’ve noticed something interesting. I keep syringes around the house for regular injections I take to treat a health condition. Adding 1 drop of water to the jars using a syringe seems to always raise RH by 1 percentage point. If RH is 57% and want to raise it to 60%, then add 3 drops of water with a syringe. The jars each have exactly 1 zip of weed per jar. My needles are sharpened, but you can get syringes with blunt tip needles on Amazon.


I think the trick is not putting bids in bags or jars until they are at the correct moisture levels (58/62). This is where the moisture meter is invaluable.

Water CAN cause mold. I suggest a couple fresh leaves instead.


Where to purchase humidity indicators for grove bags or jars? Not an amazon shopper ever. Please and thank you.

How do you know the moisture content for each stem, bud that is hung in the dark while your harvest is hanging? Reaching the magic number so it can be placed in grove bag or jar.

The meter has 2 pins that are stuck in the bud (not the stem) you can stick it in deep and shallow to ck the inner buds as well by pushing deeper. Its really easy.

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I get the Amazon thing but sometimes you have to dance with the Devil. Just watch his hands!

Fair enough, but I’m not sure that 3 drops of water on the side of the jar is going to cause problems.

You can try Inkbird’s website and find possible retailers in your area.
Fair enough, but I’m not sure that 3 drops of water on the side of the jar is going to cause problems.


3 drops probably not going to raise Rh very much at all.

If the stem snaps when bent it’s ready for the jar.

My question, if cutting the whole plant and hung it upside down, theres still stem attatched with buds of course, or 8 main colas with stem for example, is the dark room humidity as a whole what im monitoring? When will i know to move them to grove bag or fingers crossed, bags.

No. Monitoring bud moisture. Thats the advantage of the meter. You are measuring the bud moisture not the stems.

This my thought too. While there is some risk, there is also risk of mold with anything organic. Yet you see people say put lettuce, orange peel, leaves, etc in all the time.