RF3 grow journal-1st official grow-EthosGenes

@indiokush211 Sounds good to me, thats the sweet spot for younger plants generally speaking :vulcan_salute:

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Sweeeet, thank you kind sir for the reassuremnt🤙🏽

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Updates on the girls, any thoughts on younger ones spots ?

First pic I swear it looks like it’s trying to flower… not sure how that coulda happened, time to toss her and try again

I honestly think so too. You don’t think she could make the trip on the short bus ? :oncoming_bus:

@AutoMattik thoughts on my shorty ?

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I wish I could say it was light spacing but green thumb got you on that. What type of light?

Mars hydro 400 watt and another that’s 300 watt . A few rows of lights went off on the mars recently I’d say 10% of them

My girls this evening. @AutoMattik I noticed your false leaves on your most recent pics of your photo seedlings that their false leaves were very green and rather fat, pretty tall seedlings too. I was curious if it’s more common for the false leaves to not die. So far each seedling I’ve tried the false leaves die right away before 2nd true set grows out.

My false leaves always hang around for awhile. Mine do stretch some also because I always have other plants at different stages so light stays up high and I try to get seedlings close. I usually leave a couple inches of room in each pot. So when they finally get moving I add a couple extra inches of soil to cut the stretch down. Peace

Ahh I see says the blind man. That’s weird tho that mine don’t hang around. Maybe it’s the soil I’m using might switch once I run out, try soemthing new. Any recommendations on soil?

I know it’s lame for me to come off and ask like that but, I’m a youngin clearly. and I just need some straight forward Dad shit . “This is what you need, this is where your fucked up. Throw that away buy this “

Dude it’s all good. If you got any beans left let me know. I will drop with you and grow along with you if you want? Use the soil I use and the nutes if you can afford them if not we will work with what you have. Hey @Green707Thumb let’s help this bro ski grow some buds. I want him to succeed. Peace


Hell yeah! Bet bros, I’ll do what I can to keep up with the adv Nutes. I appreciate it . I have a some beans on the way from attitude, gonna wait to see what my short bus does in that time before I give up on it. what type of soil should I invest in? image



Gonna cut the budded girl soon. Not sure which Ima try and drop next . The seeds listed above in that screen shot just got delivered . Can’t decide. Thinking chocolate cream :poop: :thinking: