RF3 grow journal-1st official grow-EthosGenes

@Covertgrower Yeah it’s pretty fresh, it’s been about 16 days since it was planted in this soil. PH reads 7.3 on runoff

Ph should be closer to 6.2

Fuhhk, how could I lower the PH other than PHdown ? I get paid Friday and that’s when I’d be able to buy it, tillthen is there a substitute I could use ?

Vinegar is ok for short term use. Citric acid, citrus juice, (lemon lime) are some options. It can wait until tomorrow if you want.

Hmm, I think I’ll give the vinegar a try . What would be a good water to vinegar ratio for meh lady ?

Also what type of vinegar ?

No, not at all. They are pale in flowering but nothing super crazy. What kind of soil? Peace

Add it until you reach the proper number your looking for.

To give you a idea I use about 3/4 of a cap full for a gallon. But obviously check. I my tap water is about 8.5 . If that gives you a idea.

Thank you guys for you responses I’ll give it go, And the soil I’m using is Motherearths Terracraft :metal:t5:

![image|375x500](upload://qH fwrpuYm14D5vlinhPHhyKLHYp.jpeg)

New light :metal:t5:

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@AutoMattik @Covertgrower @Green707Thumb

Sooo I added the white vinegar and my ph went from 7.3 to 8.3…idk guys guess buy the Ph down ?

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Vinegar is only recommended for short term use anyways.

Girls colors are coming back, stoked ! Other girl was dropped bout a week ago. 2nd true leaves coming in fast :metal:t5:

The first one that came up…what an interesting looking plant. Good luck dude.

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What I think happen was the lights were too close, not sure . Raised them few days ago, hope she’s stretches out. Thanks bro, good luck to you :call_me_hand:t4:

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Does indeed look like the lights were too low, zero nodal spacing !

Glad you corrected

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Yeah but I’m a lil unsure. About 450watts going, I’d say about 20-24inch space between the plant and lights. Tallest plant is about 3inchs tall. Think that’s good or should lights be lil higher ? :thinking:

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