RF3 grow journal-1st official grow-EthosGenes

Here are some Pluto’s and the taler ones are the OG Autos. Now about 57 days.


Those are beautiful bro, I can’t wait to smell the Pluto :drooling_face:

Thanks brother. Can’t wait for my strains coming.

What strains you getting ? Also roughly how many weeks till you should use nutes like iron/zinc ?

I bought that HPS light and the dude gave me a jar or Zinc/Iron

Just picked these up gonna see how it goes, anyone ever use them ?

No sir. I use ADVANCED Nutrients. I kinda have OCD when it comes to nutes. Same thing same way all the time until it doesn’t work.

Yep, I couldn’t grow for beans with them, that lasted one grow cycle. I hope you can do better. The only ones I ended up keeping was the kelp, potassium, and phosphorus individual bags.

Fuhhhhh, I thought I got something😂 what type of nutes and which brand do you guys suggest at stage of growth ? That’s fairly inexpensive ?

Jacks 321, you can go big and get a 25lb bag, or small and get a 2.2lb bag. Either choice, it will last you a long time.
Get Part A
And Part B
And pick up epsom salt for part C at your local store.
Mine was $60ish shipped.
Amazon has it too, but I purchased direct.
I’ll never look back. Same recipe into flowering, and safe enough for seedlings.

Will do bro, thanks for the response I shall look into this !:pray:t5:

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@AutoMattik @Covertgrower @Green707Thumb
Have you guys seen this shiet ??:eyes:

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I have not. Looks interesting.

Looks like a ganja plant buttf*cked a love fern - those crazy HSC fellas…


I did. Pretty cool with the ferny looking leaves.

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Fr tho bro :joy: Soo anyone gonna try to grow it ? :eyes: I would but I don’t have the skills for this

@Covertgrower @AutoMattik @Green707Thumb Umm, I’m curious if I should be concerned about this brownish purple splotch on her leaf? There’s also some on the younger leaves at the tips which make my think nay just genetics but what are your guys thoughts ? And automatik did your Pluto end up with splotches at all?

I would check the ph. This is fresh soil right?