RF3 grow journal-1st official grow-EthosGenes

So that dude didn’t make it lol. He died barely out the womb (seed) buuut I planted another one two days ago and she took off already out the soil, I’m siked asf


Well we don’t want no dudes 'round here no how! :joy:

Let’s just pretend it took this lil gal a month to pop her head out? Sounds good to me

Yeah I’ll just go with that :skull::joy:

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Meh lady lookin gooood👌🏾


New set coming in strong :muscle:t4:

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So my lights got unplugged the other day I don’t know how or when. I had a interview :man_facepalming:t4:But with autoflower I don’t have to worry about her having been in darkness for like roughly 5 hours right ? She won’t be stunted ?

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Nahh for 5hrs? she won’t even feel it🤙🏼

What’s your current light schedule?

Shiiiet I’m stoked then, I was tripping hard :joy: and current schedule is 20/4 :+1:t5:

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Out of curiousity, when does one use co2 bags in their grow ?:thinking: And what’s the purpose ?

Extra CO2 helps with growth in the right amounts - not really familiar with CO2 bags but I know there are slow release emitters and whatnot for grow tents etc

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What are some thoughts on marshydro II 400w ? I found some dude selling it for 50$ then I found someone selling a HPS 400 Floralux high yield for 100$ I want the HPS tbh, my girls gonna be pissed if I buy it tho. Worth it tho? @AutoMattik @Covertgrower @Green707Thumb

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What strain?

The strain is PlutoCutRF3, currently I’m pushing 375watts of LED, and my space is 24x24x55

I think the hps would give better results. Check with dbrn32 in his thread.

Alright bro I’ll look into it, thanks for the responses. And which thread would that be tho ?

I will send you some pictures of my Pluto’s later today. They are booming.

Thanks for the link bro, I’ll check that out :pray:t5: And @AutoMattik Fuhk yeah, thanks too, how far along are they ?