Revisit what your ears like

This forum wouldn’t let me post more than 3 responses to the ears thread, so I created another. We just can’t have too much music, IMO. This is a great album, he has 2 volumes of Beatles songs, and played with Wings for a number of years.

This is a style that I love to hear and am striving to be able to arrange and play songs like Juber does.

Trivia: I’ve exchanged mail with Juber and have no idea if he even smokes, but I know for fact he was standing next to McCartney in 1980 when McCartney was deported and AFAIK never went to Japan after. Not sure about recently, but I moved to Japan in Feb 1982 and I have a couple good cannabis stories, once I thought I was getting deported, or shall I say, was hoping they didn’t put me in Jail, I have never been inside a jail in my life as I have never been arrested. Airport security was holding my buds on my way to Nagasaki to visit a friend’s family. I’ll leave that story there, but in a last minute twist he dropped it back into my brief case (A Fender style tweed replica brief case, I still have it). All I could think about was McCartney…That was in about '84, and I didn’t smoke for about a year, one of the longest periods I have quit in my life since high school.

I don’t know why, but cannabis defies logic as it doesn’t seem cancerous when smoked, and most all cases of lung cancer seem to be from blunts which are wrapped in tobacco leaves, or some mix tobacco with cannabis. I hate it myself.

Here’s a version of “My Girl” Juber did back in 1996, which was after he left Wings.That’s 26 years ago.

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This is what got me hooked on Juber, I was searching for acoustic fingerpicking music on YouTube and found this video. It was Hendrix who got me to play guitar to begin with, but my parents weened me and my sisters on The Beatles from the early 60s…

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I don’t want to bore you guys with Laurence Juber, but this is a very nice piece and I like George Harrison a lot, possibly my favorite Beatle. Juber has this unique way he arranges on the guitar, having a bass line, melody, rhythm, etc…kind of how pianists would arrange on their instrument.

I can’t seem to get off Laurence Juber’s playing, I just keep finding more and more pop tunes he’s arranged. Here’s a great arrangement of Layla, by Clapton.

FWIW, this Laurence Juber music is gonna make some great trimming music for me. I do need to mix it up though, don’t wanna get bored…

Mixing it up, this is one of my all time favorite albums. If you’re familiar with music theory, this album changed Jazz music forever after, IMO. Mostly due to Bill Evans, but in collaboration with Miles Davis in 1958, the same year I was born! What a great year it was! :blush:

During these recording sessions Evans and Davis used different modes to improvise over chord changes, and this really did change the way musicians started to think and play, it had a major impact on the music from the 50s up until now.

Ok, enough talk, this is the full album. I’ve removed any tracking info added by YouTube…but I guess it doesn’t matter if you play it in your browser… :thinking:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, if you’ve never heard it! :slight_smile: