Reverting to day 1

Back in late 80’s I read somewhere that putting your favorite mother on a 24 hours light on, for several weeks, would revert the genetic age to day one.
Can anyone confirm or deny, hopefully with science to back it up?

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If it’s a photo, it will cause it to remain in vegetative stage. No real affect on autos.

I mean If I was a plant , I’m not sure :thinking:

Putting a flowered plant under veg lighting will force the plant back into the vegetative state. The plant is still the same age. What this allows is a continuation of a preferred strain without the need to start from seed.

Here’s an example:

This is a clone of a clone that I allowed to flower as soon as she took root. Genetically she is the same as the original mom plant. When I harvested her, I left a few buds at the base and placed the plant under 24/7 lighting. Just some cheap leds I got at the home depot. She went back into veg in about 3 weeks.

I’ve also taken clones from a flowered plant.

I think the op wants to know about the mother plant. Not the clones

That would accomplish nothing for a mother in veg, no point to it.

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