Reverting back to veg

A question from a fellow grower:

i have a very strog plant going…very strong genetics…i was unable to clone after many attempts…she is in week 4 flower…is there a way to revert her…would hate to chop her down and loose her without a clone or reverting her back to veg state

I’m no pro by any means but I am doing this right now for first attempt. Would have to look at calendar but I think I’m at about 8-10 days in cloner an took cuttings from them on day 19 in flower with buds about size of a dime on them. Checked yesterday an out of 10 clones probably 3-4 had very small root starts an rest had bumps. I used rooting gel an put some hormone in water first day an added another 1/2 TSP after day 5-6. I use tap Water an water temp in cloner is always between 78-84 mostly 80-82. It’s in veg room no dome an no spraying an just barely under edge of a 4 bulb 6500k daylight 32 watt about 16-18 inches away. This is same way an spot have done my 30 other clones in an have a 98% clone success rate. Knock on wood. My first time monster cropping but looks like I might make it. Good luck hope this helps

I have read you can trim flowers/buds off and leave lower buds and leaves then revert to veg unless it’s a auto flower i know nothing of those. But i have never tried it either. Good luck

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I clone from flowering plants (successfully) all the time… it’s a fact that you sometimes get a plant that seems just “eh-ok” in veg-- then turns into a superstar in the bloom room! Ya just GOTTA keep a clone of it!
Be patient!

When you clone from a flowering plant, you MUST remove all the flowering tissue and leave behind just the leaves… or it will continue to try to flower while cloning-- and it can not do both-- the clone has to actually change it’s entire chemistry to switch back to veg-mode…

and be SURE you use enough light and it is allways on ! any lack of light, and it’ll keep flowering!! It WILL take a lot longer to root, and then even LONGER to get new growth than a clone from a vegging plant-- but if it is a GREAT strain and high yielder-- it is worth the effort! Better than losing the genetics, or starting over from seed and ending up with a male!

Would you say its better to re-veg the mother then take fresh clones —> could speed the process up a bit if you get nice 3-4 inch cloneable starts off a re-veg vs cloning from late in the flowering stage?

P.S. Start cloning more often and get a veg/flower/clone cycle going, then you don’t have to buy clones

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Yes you can revert it like Will said. When you get a clone to start flowering, then revert it to veg it will look crazy, it will have a lot of limbs on it, it’s called monster cropping. The clone are hard to root, I got 1 out of 3 to root. Wills way will work. Good luck

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