Reverting back to Veg?

Hi all. It looks like one of my plants in my tent has reverted back to is Veg. The crown has stretched out and the leaves are getting bigger. Any ideas?

If it starts throwing out single finger leaves then that’s a good sign it reverted back, I think

What light schedule are you on? Are there light leaks or is anything glowing in the tent (leds from power strips or digital displays)?

On a 12/12 cycle and only the flaps at the bottom of the tent are open for vents. Lights are on at night to help reduce the heat during the day. Would only be the smallest amount of light if any getting in.

What happens with the single finger leaves?

Nothing it just means that the plant has switched from flowering back to vegging. Single leaves are the first sighn they have reverted back.
Okyour issue… If you have any light getting to your plants during the lights out period it will affect your flowering and keep them from flowering. They need it to be completly dark. If it doesnt keep them from flowering they can cause it to hermie. I would definatly make sure you fix any light leaks if you want to be successful growing indoors. Light dont bend so even building asimple light trap will work

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You’ll need to close the tent up during the day. If you don’t have an exhaust fan you should add one.
The plants will tolerate zero light during flower in the dark period.


Ok so I’ve put my phone camera in my tent on video to see if there was any light getting in but it was pitch black. Camera might not pick up such low light. I only have flaps at the bottom of my tent so I’ll have to run ducting from the bottom inside, up to the opening and back down to the floor outside my tent and close off the flaps. My exhaust fan already has ducting attached so it shouldn’t be letting any light in. I find it strange that only one of my flowering plants has reverted back and it wasn’t the one closest to the vents.

Another question, once I have fixed any possible light leaks, I’m guessing the plant will go through another stretch before starting the whole flowering stage again?

Best way to check for light leaks isto gdt inside dark tent all sealed up and sit for 15 min then after your eyes adjust ifyou can see your hand infront of your face you have a leak somewhere