Revegging after harvest

Okay so this is my first time I’m going to harvest and I want to reveg my plant.
Reasons why:

  1. Was very easy to clone. I used no cloning/rooting solution. week 2 of switching to 12/12 I dropped her and lost about half the soil in the tray. She still didnt hermie.
  2. She’s the fastest growing/maturing from my other girls that started at 12/12 the same time. My others had no damage and are still looking less ripe than her.
  3. Very low odor but when buds are pressed the smell is of sweet pungent blueberries.
  4. She’s the frostiest

Should I cut of %50 of her to harvest the top bud then transplant and put in 20/4?

I have no idea if she will go back into veg from this far along… but one of the reasons if u like the pheno, you definitely take clones. Looks like a lovely budnugget! But im truly not sure… i revegged at like week 4-5 of flower. And it took bout a month for new growth to come outta the buds

I’ve read of people harvesting then revegging so it is possible this far along but I want to know the method I should use for a plant this small…

Those people probably left the lower larf buds and then re-vegged their plants. I e done that before and it works.


Would you say harvesting earlier will allow the plant to reveg more successfully?

Don’t really know for sure, but then you’d be missing the swell and probably have immature buds.

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True but she already swelled up I think and got more sense now… shes 65 days into flowering

I personally do it think the cost to harvest weight ratio works out in your favor but yes it can be done

The popcorn buds makes good hash and what not so I normally take it all down and just process it into something like rosin or hash
Happy growing all

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Iv done this also.I left my buds ripen then harvested and put back in veg worked but 2nd time around buds were not as compact.and not as much frost.personally I didn’t think it was worth the time and rather start from clone or seed for a nice heavy yield

I’m completely with you both of you. It’s not the best option AT ALL, but it was an answer to his question lol I’d just take clones and smoke some hash.

Iv done this and was very disappointed.the buds had alot less frost and were no where near as dense.i wouldnt recommend doing this, your better off dropping more seed.its worth the wait

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