Revegged clones

Hey friends…im in unfamiliar territory again. I took these 3 clones during scrogging and accidnetally left them in the flower tent. So i put them in veg tent but was time to put them outside…now what do i do? Prune how much? Where? Will it grow out? How do i know when its gomma flower?will it? Mom is gorgeous.

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How many days were the plants in the flower tent? Autos or photos?

I see algae in your soil. It’s an indication that you may be watering too often.

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Photos. 2 runtz 1 tropicql finkmnone was def harfder to reveg but 2 went right back in. I trimmed the tops of leaves
…I flipped on may 17 and realized they were leftbin there about a week. Moved them to the veg tent, running a 18/6 under hlg 300bspec. They were little preflowers, i had dozens when i cleaned up the scrog, figired id try and keep them.going but shouldve gotten them out of 12/12.

Got it. It takes a couple of weeks to reveg a plant. If there a week, I expect the plant started the transition. You may see the plant stall while it gathers its bearings again, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

None. The plants need the leaves they have. Don’t trim unless the plant is dense and there are canopy airflow problems.


Cannabis is capable of flowering with <14 hours of light per day. Some plants can be more stubborn than others, but it will certainly flower at 12/12.

Should i take off all the weirdo leaves? Like these??

now they are beginining to grow normal 5s and morpho is normal.

This one just wouldnt reveg then all od a sudden…whats that whorl about?

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They got a rain storm…i now have umbrella. They got wet AF. thought my whole garden was ruined. Been so wet. I move them and have an umbrella… so. Lol. I dodnt mean it. Im kinda cray cray with nutrient and watering. I just bought a littlw hoop house to put over them as thhey get bigger. I refer letting them get mother nature light and my watering and feed. Lol.i gotta pot up wventually so im just trting to keep em covered and not have to do too much.

So these are calyxes and growth tips…ive nevver done clones, ber never revegged…lol. mom was hydro which was a first and a firstbscrog. I love hiw each grow i learn new weird shit.

do clones and revegges look differently in structure or grow diff than alternating or stacking??

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Correct. It means the plant is sexually mature and is capable of flowing when the light cycle is right.


Ph boy so should i be feeding bloom nutes? Im in NY, i still got a while? Theres thisbone thatvi found sacs on and took it out back, trimmed it to nothing, and it grew back and idk what its deal is now. I saw no moee sacs but shes not infiltrating the photo grow. Hell nawwww.

shes gettting all her nutes washed out. I just dried it out to where i cam feed now. Hoping i van reverse the wash out. I think i might pot up what i can to dry them out. Its so damn wet here. Add 70/30 maube? Its gonna be a sucky outdoor grow here, gotta keep them thin bc its so humid.

Everyone is outta the rain, gonna go grab some 70/30, fix up these gals and all my sad succulents. Its so drab. Yuck but everyone is covered well for this storm thats coming.

And then…i get to go in the closet. Where the magic is happenining. Lol

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