[REVEGE/CLONE] Cloning after harvest?

Hello there i got some questions about cloning after harvest.

I didn’t take any clones before sending y girls into flower. Few weeks into flower i had a few of them which where 10/10 for me. Smell , look, trichrome production , bud structure and so on.

So i decided on harvest day to cut them down and leave a little bit on them to revege.

What would be your way to successfully reveg them and taking clones of them ?

They are in 5 gallon pots (coco/perlite)

For now i put them under 19/5h of light .

I don’t need them all to revege but specially the iced out skunk and Black berry Oreo big stuff would be amazing if i get them to revege and getting a mother plant of them.


It’s called monster cropping. There’s a lot of information out there on the topic, but I’ve never done it myself. It takes time to do so and I find it more efficient to just drop more seed. It is a good idea though if you have a phenotype you want to preserve and didn’t make clones during veg.


Thanks a lot okay yes i wanted to hear what works best for everyone.
I got time and space and definitely wanna try to keep these Phenos as these are out of 150 plants the best ones. And specially 2 of them are exceptional


I once tried to clone the small lower branches, before harvest, I dipped them in rooting powder
And in the soil. They started growing but not
Good, I’m gonna stick to starting from seed or pre flower clones

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Its not really hard at all.
We have done it here with several after harvest, and they looked just like yours. Just put them back under 18/6 light and they will do their thing. Pick up the bag to see when to water by checking weight. They obviously wont use much water for a while. It takes a few weeks to get going again but they will grow fine after a period where they look like zombie mutants. :upside_down_face:


Is it normal that the buds which are left on the plant start running yellow brownish ?
Right now i am just feeding them RO water should i start feed them light veg food ? Another thing a friend recommended to me was mixing kelp/ seameal 1ml for a gallon and spraying the plant leaves , buds which are left on the plant ?

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Yes, the plant goes thru a messy change but then starts growing normally after a few weeks.
Go light or not at all on the food until growth happens. Its not building anything yet.

Has a thread on this, and done a few runs…

Agreed, I have been watching my re-vegers do nothing and not much growth, but we are ready and want to hit outdoors in June. My clones are almost the same slow growers.
Probably or possibly because of the 12/12 schedule run for winter or cheap lights.
Ask me again in September 2023, if re-veging is worth the time and space.

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TBH that revegged plant probably won’t have nearly the same vigor since the plant has already gone through its senescence period. True monster cropping generally involves taking the flowering clones in the first 1-3 weeks of flower. There are just certain biological and hormonal changes that your plant has gone through that will make the growing experience a lot more sluggish. But I mean, hey, I think you should try for science!

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They will reveg just fine with good vigor. I do this every spring after seeding my seedlings. Pluck the seeds and my seeded reveged clones and seedlings become huge outdoor trees.

The only part is it will take a while. 8- 12 weeks usually on a big flowered plant. The seedlings usually just need 4-6 weeks in lil pots. Less biomass and flower hormones on board smaller plants.

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After 8 weeks, there is some fresh green.
Now placed outdoor, Sunburn? but growing, while I dry and cure the tops.
Re-birth starting, excited for learning the process.
Thanks Forum Friends.

Take one for the team!
I did, for family and friends.

Road trip excitement as they all have been outdoors for the past week.

And a candidate for re-veging