Reveg for auto flower gorilla glue

So here’s my gorilla glue auto from ilgm the one I left to try to reveg for fun and learning. It seems like she just grew new buds around the base of the plant. I couldn’t alter the lights from 12/12 because I have photos currently in week 4 and a half of bloom. I am wondering if autos can even reveg with 24 hours of light or do they merely do what this one is try to repair and grow new buds.

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Ive never tried to reveg a auto i hear that it dont wotk out as the clones or clippings take traits after the mom and finish as she foes. They hold a timeline unlike a photo so i dont believe it is really possible or really is it worth it as the bids on an auto come out smaller less potent less dense. Talot of less factors woth autos than photos but i still grow them gives harvests between the photos Nd all. I get 2 harvests of autos pretty much for 1 run of photos