Reveg deep in flower ok or not

only a couple days or so to go till done as it is showing some amber first time gglue auto 96 days in?

Do you have tric pics?

sorry no pic. but just looked and 3 or 4 days should do it a sister plant will be ready then sure and no revegge on that one

may try 12–12 lights see what happens

Are you planning on re-veging an auto after harvest???
Or do you mean your plant is growing more leaves during late flower?
I am confused…

it looks to be growing more bud out the sides and top of main colas

That sounds like what’s called “fox tailing.”


is there reason to do something. the plant was stressed later in flower. Large colas lot of bud will the fox tailing stop the maturing process??

It takes a while to get back but she will get back on track

will changing the light to 12-12 help hate to mess up the other 3 Lesson learned dont let them get to dry in later flower

I think the foxtailing is more a cosmetic issue. Buds aren’t as pretty, distorted and lumpy, hard to trim properly.
As it is a result of stress, you should watch carefully for the dreaded “nanners”. A yellow protrusion from a bud that contains male pollen.


Thank you all i feel a little better about my mistakes. All in all its an incredible grow for my first time.Thank you ilgm for showing me how and all the members who helped me.