Reusing supermarket jars?


While I personally wouldn’t use this for my own long term storage, what are the collective thoughts on gifting weed in old jam/salsa/pickle jars that have been thoroughly cleaned? There’s always a little bit of remaining aroma lingering in the lid seal, but running through the dishwasher after a long soak seems to help quite a bit. I like the idea of reuse but don’t want to stink my terps. :slight_smile:


Someone give me a jar of weed I won’t care what kind of jar it is. No problems as long as they are food grade and didn’t have pesticides or some crap in them.


If you wash them thoroughly then leave the lid off for a week or two it’ll have no smell. Well that goes for spaghetti sauce jars. I’ve been saving them and that seems to work on them.


Good advice, thanks!

A tip for those of you who use a lot of active dry yeast AND who make/use tincture - those amber colored yeast jars are great for keeping tincture in bulk before you put them in dropper bottles.Or for gifting tincture.


I was just going to post about yeast jars! I use them as my personal stash jars.


I’ve found that acidic foods like salsa/pasta sauce seem to invade the tops of the jars and leave a residual smell if you just use soap and water.
Try bleaching them first.

That being said. I buy a lot of mason jars. What’s another $1…


Rinse out with citric acid to remove odors & oily residue.


I’ve been able to reuse olive oil jugs as juice/iced tea containers after thoroughly washing with dish soap, then using a plain citric acid solution to rinse-rinse-rinse everything thoroughly.


I’m not worried about saving the buck. i just like to reuse where possible. Even glass, which is fully recyclable, takes a lot of energy to return to another jar or bottle. That’s why they keep the order of reduce, reuse, recycle. :smiley:


I’m not worried about saving $, either…just saving the planet. Also, when you live/work in the middle of nowhere, you reuse everything, b/c it’s very inconvenient to get new things, especially in a pinch.