Reusing soil help

I use ocean forest soil can I reuse this soil again and what do i need too add to the soil make it good to used


Yes you can reuse the soil. Just clean out as much roots as you can.

Secondly…with depleted FFOF you start adding nutrients after about 1 to 2 weeks above soil is all. I do this all the time.

I use Fox Farms entire nutrient line and this is all I do. I don’t add worm castings and what not.

Jack’s 321 is another way many growers use.


I also use ocean forest And reuse Spring of the year to grow my lattice empty pots shift the roots out add bone meal , blood meal ,worm castings an mix it up good 0531212013|375x500
plant my lattice.


I reuse mine once. I flush heck out of it. I used Jack’s 321 after it shows first leaves at lower dose. They seem to being fine. I am new to this also and am taking it slow.
My girls are 23 days from sprout.


Composted steer manure, Humic acid, Bone meal

Old truck 5-3-3 dry amendments is great for revitalizing soil I’d also recommend adding 6-8 tablespoons diatomaceous earth to put silica back in

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Thanks everybody