Reusing Soil Experiment


@Familyman That pic helps a bunch. Now I know how long to make the stems! Trust me, I have the bug already. Have 2 outdoors grows under my belt and should have pulled about 8lbs off 8 plants last year, but the catepillars and bud rot got me just before harvest and only ended up with 3lbs. But wifey put her foot down on the outdoors stuff which was probably smart. It’s all good eh bro!!!

Thanks again!!!


Damn that’s a lot of weed. Is it legal where you are?? 3 elbows is still a nice haul though. The risk of rot where I live is really high so I stick to inside. Plus it’s not legal yet and punk kids would steal my shit.


Also, the roots really grow fast too. They have doubled in size in just a day. God, I really hope this doesn’t give me the hydro bug lol.


I’m in Cali so it’s legal up to 6. I’m not good at moderation though lol. I can’t even think about hydro bro. I’m lucky to have 1 bathroom and my new veg/clone box. I figure with the new box and cloner, I can pull a run maybe every 9 weeks once the rotation is dialed in. I do have more room for expansion in the flower/bathtub so once I can sleep with both eyes closed at night, hoping there’s another QB260 XL in my future…gotta take it slow though, and I’m not good at that whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hear that. I have a habit of turning every hobby into a business.


That’s too funny. I did the same but can’t say much about it in public, and don’t know how to do private messages lol.


There are no private messages on the public forum. Gotta be a lab member.


Kinda thought so. Glad it just wasn’t me being stupid!!!


Naaaaahhhh , DaGoose, that is my job


Hi All!

Here’s my weekly update. The Gelato girls still seem happy, now 4 weeks after the flip to 12/12. The soil seems to be working just fine with no sign of bugs. The QB 260’s are almost at full power. They smell amazing, so much so will have to keep the carbon filter on full time soon.

Here’s a group shot of my modest flower setup.

A bud shot. They are starting to get a bit frosty.

One of the girls

The clones in my new DIY hydro cloner are at a week and still seem happy, but no sign of roots just yet.

I’m pondering my small outdoor grow this season and will likely do a few ILGM Cali Dream’s. The bud from last years grow is still amazing and a big hit with friends. Thinking I will start a seed soon trying to time it to veg with the clones, then do 2 gelato and the Cali Dream indoor, and take my CD clones for the outdoor grow. It’s a tough decision since I have God Bud, Cindy XX, and ILGM’s Chronic Widow, Gold Leaf, and White Widow auto’s in the seed bank (some others too but too lazy to check). Might also do a few of the White Widow’s outdoors. I don’t want them to get too big or will have to answer to wifey.

Huge thanks to all for your help, especially @dbrn32 and @MattyBear. You don’t realize how much you help. For example I wasn’t happy with my watering routine where I didn’t get runoff. Read where @MattyBear waters until about 25% runoff, and it has made a difference. You both are truly Grow Mentors my brothers!!!

Anyways, having a blast on this adventure like always, and have managed to not kill anything just yet.



You’re more than welcome bud :wink: Your plants look great! I have a Gelato in flower and the node spacing looks a lot like yours. They really stretch in transition.


Looks like you got the indoor dialed pretty quickly, happy to help when I can.


My late weekly update isn’t so good. Almost 6 weeks since the flip to 12/12 now. Trying hard to not overdo it and cause issues. My biggest girl started showing signs of issues about 6 days ago where the lower leafs were turning yellow. They also just started to get a bit droopy and needed watering. I backed off the nutes with only cal mag and liquid karma in mix unsure if I pushed them too hard. I guessed wrong as the condition did not improve and the leaves turning yellow has progressed a ton moving up the plant. Looks a lot like they do just before harvest, but its too soon for that.

I also carefully installed the scrog net to spread them out a bit. PH is good at 6.5 out.

Now my best guess is they are getting pushed pretty hard with the QB 260’s and it was a nute deficiency, plus they are only in 3 gallon fabric pots. Fed em again this morning at 50% of the recommended nutes, my usual routine. My humidity was also getting in mid to high 70’s at times with temps up to 75. So the carbon filter exhaust fan is always on with lights on now. The temps are a bit lower.

Here’s the evidence of abuse…sage advice is most welcomed as always… @dbrn32 and @MattyBear WTF did I do :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Just underfed. You were right about that. The QBs make them nute hungry. You’ll find you need to feed at least full strength with the higher efficiency lighting :wink:


@MattyBear Thank you bro!!! Lesson learned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s been 7 weeks now since the flip to 12/12. It appears the nutrient deficiency is in check.
Here’s the indoor girls

And two bud closeups. They are getting frosty but it feels like they are still a few weeks out. Will put the micro on them soon. The buds are dense but not super big like my experience with other strains grown outdoors. Hoping it’s the Gelato genetics and not me…

Transplanted my 4 best clones into soil from the hydro cloner. The biggest one finally seems to have re-vegged and is growing. Man it takes so time for that eh?

Here’s the two I booted outside due to space constraints. They are still kicking and have been in hail, cold weather, rain…the purple hues are super pretty. Buds are really small but it’s all gravy since I was going to kill em otherwise. They started flower a few weeks after the indoor ladies.

Big thanks to @dbrn32 , @MattyBear and everyone else who’s helped me.

Happy Growing!!!


They look really good Goose! That purple color is just gorgeous too :+1::v:


@MattyBear is your gelato kinda doing the same…small buds? I’m a big boy…you can tell me the truth bro! :sunglasses::v:


My Gelato was growing some monster buds before it was pollinated :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice brother!!! Clearly I have some work to do…seeds are good eh? Thanks for the honest response. The only way you can get better is to hang with folks that know what they are doing!!! :blush: