Reusing Soil Experiment


Check out this thread.


Hi @BlackShirt !

Been watching your thread and it makes a ton of sense to mimic nature’s soil at it’s finest. I’ve watched the videos from Jeff Lowenfels and the other good folks who really know this stuff. Added the WOW endrosite mycroizzae…(I can never spell that stuff) when transplanting this time. And a no till solution sounds like it’s not too much work. You just need to get the routine dialed in and let mother nature do her thing. Not sure how I can apply this best to a bathtub grow and not have wifey completely lose her mind lol. There’s so much to learn. I’m just trying to not kill anything and continue to make progress. It’s all good.

Cheers and thanks for sharing!!!


It certainly looks as though you are making progress. I stumbled into this much the way you are.

Keep experimenting until you find what works for you.

This method works for me - and, when it is dialed in, is
Very little labor or stress.

Looking forward to following along!


Hi Friends!

It’s not very exciting but I’ve managed to not kill my plants yet. They were topped yesterday and are drinking a bit more. The QB’s are at 140 watts. These are unsexed gelato bag seeds so I have no clue how that little bathtub space will do. Was thinking will maybe get 2 or 3 girls. So I’m gonna keep it simple and let em show and play it by ear.

Headed to the Abacos to chill with my friends next week and get some conch, crawfish, and maybe some hoo. They are chewing pretty good right now. Will post an update in a couple of weeks when we get back.

Happy Gardening!!!