Reusing Soil Experiment


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Hi @BlackShirt !

Been watching your thread and it makes a ton of sense to mimic nature’s soil at it’s finest. I’ve watched the videos from Jeff Lowenfels and the other good folks who really know this stuff. Added the WOW endrosite mycroizzae…(I can never spell that stuff) when transplanting this time. And a no till solution sounds like it’s not too much work. You just need to get the routine dialed in and let mother nature do her thing. Not sure how I can apply this best to a bathtub grow and not have wifey completely lose her mind lol. There’s so much to learn. I’m just trying to not kill anything and continue to make progress. It’s all good.

Cheers and thanks for sharing!!!


It certainly looks as though you are making progress. I stumbled into this much the way you are.

Keep experimenting until you find what works for you.

This method works for me - and, when it is dialed in, is
Very little labor or stress.

Looking forward to following along!


Hi Friends!

It’s not very exciting but I’ve managed to not kill my plants yet. They were topped yesterday and are drinking a bit more. The QB’s are at 140 watts. These are unsexed gelato bag seeds so I have no clue how that little bathtub space will do. Was thinking will maybe get 2 or 3 girls. So I’m gonna keep it simple and let em show and play it by ear.

Headed to the Abacos to chill with my friends next week and get some conch, crawfish, and maybe some hoo. They are chewing pretty good right now. Will post an update in a couple of weeks when we get back.

Happy Gardening!!!


Hi All!

Back from the Abaco’s late last night after a long day of travel. Had a blast with our dear friends down there. Weather was up most of the 2 weeks but did get out fishing 1 day deep dropping. Got some queen and silky snapper, a promfrett, and had a bonus school of mahi come to the boat while drifting and managed to get one on the light rod casting a yozuri. Had plenty of fish for us and to share with many. Plus the cistern is full from the rain. My buddy house sitting did a good job with the girls. They grew a ton in 2+ weeks. Removed a bunch of large fan leaves this morning that were blocking the light. Also raised the light and increased the watts a bit. I need to thin the herd to 3 plants and will flip to 12/12 tomorrow after they get a day to recover from the defoliation. The soil seems to be working fine. No sign of bugs. Not sure if I will try a scrog or just do some LST. Indoors is all new to me and having a blast.

These are gelato seeds from a friend who is in a local co-op. They had a run where 3 different strains all hermied, but no male pollen. So my understanding is the DNA should remain all female. Gonna let er rip indoors and going to likely put the other 2 outside and let em go. Seems better than just killing em! Will be interesting to see what happens. All thoughts and comments are welcomed, as always!!

Happy Gardening!!!


Managed to not kill anything yet!

It’s been 7 days since the flip to 12/12 and 2 were put outside for good. They seem happy in spite of temps from 43-65 and some wind and rain.

Inside they are doing ok too but I could use a dehumidifier in the room, but it’s not in the budget. Slowly turning up the QB 260’s. They are at 220 watts now.

Hoping they will all show their sex soon and all be girls. Will do some light LST once they show and perhaps add the scrog net then. Playing it by ear.

Also made this DIY hydroponic cloner in a 10 gallon tote with 1-4" and 2-2" air stones. It will do 20 clones but I don’t need that many. Will likely take the clones off the lower branches.

Thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

Heppy Gardening All!!


Looks good to me!


Thank you @dbrn32!!! I’m just faking it and never would have gotten this far without your help, and all the other fine folks here on the forum. These gelato plants are already stinky. Looking forward to the rest of the journey and a new strain to add to the mix :sunglasses::v:


Tag me as well, would love to see the set up.

Interesting take on ditching the dirt…


It’s been another week and they are now all showing as girls. 2 weeks now since the flip to 12/12. The stretch is slowing way down, and somehow they still seem fairly happy. Soil is working great. No bug issues but I put some food grade DE down as a top dressing to be proactive. Looking forward to this harvest and tasting some Gelato!!!

Cheers all!!!


Looking good indeed!


Hi All,

Here’s my weekly report. Did a wee bit of piddling while wifey was out of town last weekend. Made a 2x4x6 veg/clone box from scratch and my own modest design. Total materials were a little bit over $100 including the paint. It’s in a pretty tight space so I had to build it in the front room and drag it to it’s home (I measured everything first to be sure it would fit…guess I’m getting a wee bit smarter in my old age but not much). Two coated everything before assembly with flat white paint. Somehow it was all square when done. Was quite the production doing it solo. Here’s a shot of it being built.

Just got back to it this morning and got electricity to it, the T5 hung, and my cloner in. Going to take some clones later today and give it a test drive when the water warms up.

Currently there is no environmental control. Hoping I can get by without it. Going to watch and see how it goes. I can add the mylar insulation inside if need be. Also going to likely install small PC fans for intake below and outtake above.

I read you can use your nute lineup for the hydroponic clone solution. Botanicare has a recipe I’m going to try. But would really love some input if this is not the correct way to do this.

Back to the girls, they are now 3 weeks after the flip to 12/12 and seem to be happy still. Will clean out the undergrowth when I take clones later today. Only planning on taking 6 or so.

Having a blast doing this. All input is most welcomed and appreciated. And thank you all again for the help along the journey.

Cheers. :sunglasses:


Look at you go, that’s a sweet little setup! Shouldn’t have a problem running low ppm of base nutes for rooting, although I’m not really sure if you need it or not.


@dbrn32 Hey bro…I have a few questions and need some more of your sage advice. I’m using RO water and currenly have 6 gallons in, which puts the water level about 3" from the bottom of the lid. I can see a lot of water on the bottom of the lid from the air stone. Never done hydro or clones before like this. How much should the stem below the collars be in the water?

Was thinking I will add a wee bit of liquid karma, cal mag, and the botanicare grow, and dip the roots in cloning powder I have. For heat there’s just the T5 and a seedling mat under the cloner. Hoping that will do the trick.

Also going to tack a strip of wood across the top to attach the panda film door in one piece for now, just to get it covered.

Thanks again…I’m having heaps of fun brother!!!


That’s a good question. I haven’t used a cloner like that, but was under assumption that the stems weren’t suppose to go all the way into water. The bubbles and splashing from air stone was suppose to get them what they needed.


And so it shall be! I read a ton and sometimes it gets confusing with so many opinions. Got the panda door on now. Time to take clones once the water heats up and get’s the nutes and ph adjusted.



I’m not sure you should take my word for it lol.

@Familyman you are using something like this right?


Yep and I got 20/20 first round. My stems are about 2 in in the water. It’s now super critical really. I just started with r/o water and dipped them in cloning gel. After I saw nubs, I added a small amount of nutes probably about 100 ppm.


Thanks @Familyman !!!

I’ll add some more water. My setup pales in comparison to yours bro. But I’m doing the best with what I have and wifey has yet to kick me to the street.


@DaGoose thanks. It’s a work in progress and I add to it after each grow. You’ll get the bug and have plants growing everywhere soon. Here’s a pic after 5 days in the cloner.