Reusing Fox farm soil 1 harvest

Hello everybody and thank you for your help this forum is awesome
As the title says I’m going to reuse My Fox farm soil that I have used one harvest. After harvest flushed real good in tub then I made sure all the dirt was 100% dry. That took tremendous floor space and a couple of rounds the way I did it. After it was all dry I used the hand built screen and screened all the soil with my own two hands LOL. Left it in a pretty airtight container and here I am today. Absolutely no mold or anything and still dry.
On this Fox farm reusable soil, 60% is the frog 30% is ocean 10% is cultivation Nation is what it was when I mix d it together last harvest.
Seeds I just germinated this morning with a couple of driplets of hydro peroxide to help soften seed and give it a little help. I learned that from this forum thank you. Last round 10 out of 10 seeds became full plants. Thank you for the everyone’s help last time. Great seeds ILGM I luv u Mayne lol. This time I’m only doing six plants. Mix autoflowers blueberry, Northern lights, and amnesia.
The first round I didn’t have to put nutrients until almost 5 weeks into planting. I was thinking this round since I flushed the soil and it’s been used once maybe the second week I should start putting nutrients? I’m going to be watching for the pH.
Any additional help would be awesome and much appreciated. Thank you have a great safe day

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Why didn’t you leave whatever was in there in there to biodegrade and be food for the fungi and microbes? Just curious. I have a very large bag of FF soils I’ve been adding things to hoping to rebuild the nutrients within for my next cycle in the Spring. My thought was similar to composting.


I believe I used a half inch screen just to get all the root stuff out. Everything that came with the fox farm product is there. I didn’t realize even in a huge fabric pot planter marijuana plants have enormous spaghetti roots LOL.
I’m new to this should I just left all the roots together in there? I was just trying to prevent rot and mold. Like I said I just cut the plants pulled out the big ball shook her out lay down all the dirt on cardboard turn the heat on 90 in that room stirred around dirt until dry to touch them repeat. Thank you for your reply


Just remember when you dried it out you likely killed all of your microbial life so be sure to add in new mycos or whatever it is you use. They’d of eaten the roots as well lol. I add all sorts of organic matter in to my composting. Post your grow so I can follow along. Be good to see how it works and if I’m just wasting time lol. :+1:t2:


Run a slurry test for a baseline starting PH and PPMs :love_you_gesture:


I had no idea that they’re a living things in soil. I use all Fox farm nutrients and soil I wonder if I should use BUSH DOCTOR MICROBE BREW in the soil before I plant new plants?
I’m also looking online about the microbes.
I can pull out all the soil and mix it with whatever I need to reorganize live my soil LOL. All there is is an empty Solo cup in the soil I’m prepping everything. If I do need micro organisms for the soil how long should I wait before I put a new week old plant? How many grow cycles before people replace their soil? I have all the fox from products that I need for nutrients I thought that’s all I need but I’m an idiot drying my soil. LOL. I knew I wasn’t going to use the soil for a good year. That’s how long the last harvest last me. Thank you again for everybody’s input

Hey just curious if you could lay out your composting process and how long it takes before that soil is ready for re-use?

Hi @BWoods this will be my first attempt at reusing the FF soils. My yard compost pile is what got me thinking about pinching some pennies around here, even home grown the way I’m rolling is a pretty expensive hobby it seems lol.

Currently I have all of my previous grow soil in a large contractor bag for convenience and I’m adding different organic matter ( food scraps) and yard waste to it. I added extra Mycorrhizal to it. I haven’t let it dry out. Hoping the Myco will continue breaking it all down into usable nutrients for the plants. I read something very interesting about adding biochar as a soil conditioner.

This is @Kozmoz post

BIOCHAR! For Organic living soil

I’m still a work in progress here though.


Hello everybody sorry to bother again. Would the fox farm Bush doctor microbe help before I plant or mix some new FF happy frog in it?
I know the soil wasn’t 100% dry but dryer and I had it sealed very well because when I was taking it apart and filling up the pots there was definitely clumps showing this still moisture which I thought was bad I’m an idiot.
I just germinated seeds 24 hours ago so I’m trying to get the soil perfect beforehand. Any insight let me know please thank you for all of your help

Microbes are good. Instead of adding HF you could just grab a couple bags of worm castings and mix in. But HF will help.

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I start with fresh soil every time just for consistent and predictable results.

Tagging along here to maybe learn something new.