Reusing a water heater

Okay this is an odd question cause I may already know the answer. This is my first grow and I’ve ordered everything in tip top shape from amazon, however I am reusing a water heater that I had previously used for a turtle I had. The smell is distinctively the turtle crap I use to have to change out. I’ve hand washed it with dish soap twice now. I’m not too worried about the smell but I am worried that it will ruin the plant. Any help on this situation. I’d really prefer not to buy another $30 water heater.

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Welcome to the forum.
What will you be using the heater for? Hydro grow?
I don’t see it being a problem using it as long as it’s still functional and safe to use. The residual smell won’t be an issue except to your nose.
Stick it in a bucket of water first and make sure it’s working and set for temps your looking to achieve.

Yes! Ty for a response :slight_smile: this is a DWC (bucket) grow and my concern was that any poop residue wouldve been harmful to the plant.

Bad Odor = Problem

If you’ve ever had a turtle you know they can be messy.
I have found some comfort in your response TY!

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I’m new is there anyway this could reach out to other people for more insight? I’d really like to not mess this up. Right now the seedling is sitting above the water in a rock wool cube under expanded clay pebbles so it’s not exposed to the res just yet the smell is tolerable and could only be noticed up close.

Off topic is this purple hue a normal thing.

Let me tag a hydro grower as I’m in soil and all that stuff looks foreign to me lol.
As far as the color of the seedling it’s hard to tell with your lights. Turn them of and take a pic in white light or your flash when taking pics to post so we can better see things.
@Drinkslinger you hydro?

No, I’m a soil guy. Sorry.

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I don’t really follow too much hydro here as I don’t do it anyone you can tag that you know of? I’m tired and not wanting to think anymore today

@repins12 just started hydro. He may know some hydro growers. @kettle is also a hydro grower I believe. Maybe these guys can help.

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it should be fine the microbes on turtles are going to be different to the microbes that are bad for your roots and make them smell, are you using hydroguard?

how cold does it get?

do u need to use it?

welcome by the way buddy. more info is best…


Why are you using a heater? Would be my first question. Most have issues with keeping water temp down. :v:


Thanks for the quick responses. I’m not using hydro guard, but if it’s something I might need I’ll look into it.
I can monitor the grow around the clock right now and throw in a bottle of frozen water here and there to regulate temps I saw a video online saying water temps around •68 are suitable for plant growth . Also, I’m using the flora series but haven’t added any nutrients (only Ph balanced water) just yet since I’m still on week one (Day 4)

-floraseries 3(part) soft.
-cal mag
I’m using viparspectra 300w LED.

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I don’t have an issue with taking the heater out by any means. I think it’s nice to have since it’s got temp control set to 68. I’m no expert tho of course.

i wouldn’t do hydro without hydroguard, that’s me… it does a wonderful job and worth every cent… i cant get it here buti improvise… and its the same thing…

I had a heater in when I was growing in a shed… i got root rot, hydroguard prevents this…what i don’t like about heaters is they are warm for the period for when they are on so even though its set to 68 the heater itself will heat up to 90+ debgrees and turn off… i don’t like this and felt it may have contributed to the problem… but i removed it and don’t grow in the shed any more… and if i did the lights should keep it warm enough, and the ambient temp… its summer and if a chiller is needed… i have one and love it… but the roads melt out here…

btw u have time with the hydroguard don’t stress… u don thave any roots yet… :grinning:


I run winter res temp in the 50f’s, worry more about keeping it under 70F


That was kinda my point. I wouldn’t be worried about heating the water but as you said keeping it under 70. :v:


So aquaponics is feeding your plants with aquarium waste. And there’s a great thread about a grower accidentally dropping their seeds into the toilet. So no worries about contamination, hydrogaurd kills microbes so it is a question of do you want to run synthetic nutrition and no microbes or organic nutrients and colonize your system with beneficial microbes.

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What an awesome responsive community we got here. <3
Btw I’m growing a northern lights auto in a 24”x24”x48” tent (very small now that I have it in front of me).

I’ve been reading around on here and I won’t water her for another day or so, anyways I appreciate all the feedback. I’ll continue to monitor the hell outta the water since I don’t have a thermometer for water

P.S. the surface where the the seed was planted has been poked around at a lot from me with a tooth pick sincerely outta curiosity to see what was going on beneath the surface I tried to smooth it out but it still looks kinda rough :sweat_smile: