Reuse FF Soil (Recipe needed)

Hello, I have been continuously using/purchasing Fox Farm soil and have been wanting to reuse it because we all know it’s expensive stuff just to keep tossing. I purchased a gigantic bin and put my last grow into it which would be six 5 gallon pots of soil minus the root balls. Anyways, im needing assistance on what to do next? Like what do I add to mimic what I started out with and what measurements do I use?

You can reuse soil. You just need to manage the soils pH (6.3 to 6.7) and PPM (~1,000.)

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I reuse my soil. Look for a RECHARGE or REAMEND product. I swear by Build A Soil products. I do not work for them,nor sponsored by them either

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Im new to all this and have several questions.

How do you maintain PH and PPM of soil? I recently purchased a Bluelab commercial TRUNCHEON V2 and a Bluelab pH pen to maintain the ph of my water and as to the PPM im trying to read up on how to utilize it for checking runoff.

I did find a soil recipe for the FF but dont understand why you would start with a bag of FF and put stuff in. Below is a link to the article.

Fox Farm Recipe

I apologize. I use to no till soil, and I never check ph. I use city tap water, and I keep my soil alive year-round. I only grown once a year,so i leave my stump with rootball intact. By next spring the stump pulls out rather easy. I just harvested ,and I have planted cover crops to keep soil going through the winter months. I make my.own compost from kitchen scraps-and I begin to top dress early spring to get the containers ready-if they are not already. I then massage the dry ferts like recharge, reamend, or the craft blend into the top few inches of soil. But i never check Ph.
Here is a pic of this years harvest ,and I never check Ph.

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Compost is good stuff, it’s cheap too if you don’t want to make it. I use composted sheep manure at $9 a bag, they say use 15% but I use around 25% and a bit of other things. It would do for four 5 gallon containers. After that I feed twice during the plant’s life, works for me. There are probably better ways and I don’t have ppm or pH meters.

Well after reading ect about reuse of soil im to the point this is going to cost more than just buying two $20 bags of FF happy frog every grow and less of a headache of trying to figure out what to add to the soil to replace whats missing. The only upside i see is with soil reuse it doesn’t have the possibility to come with fungus gnats.