RetiredSFC, 2nd Grow

Beautiful she got some color coming out also


Everything is still rocking along. Not much to update this week.


Beautiful girls

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The soldiers are standing tall :muscle::evergreen_tree::metal:

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Today was haircut and picture day, except for the mutants.

Starting to see a little N deficiency in the lower portions so tomorrow they will get a top dressing of one shot at half strength.

For those looking forward to February BOM, top pic will be your competition :wink:

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beautiful girls Sergent

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Guess it’s time for a week 8 update. This week all the girls got a top dressing of one shot to carry them over the finishline. The routine is still the same. I am starting to lower my heat a little bit at a time and it seems to be bringing some colors out but you can’t tell much in the pictures.

Now time for a little :musical_note: brown chicken brown cow​:musical_note:

I’m anticipating on another 4 wks +/-. Once this round is over I will start my wall for my grow room and toss the tent. Once I get the wall then I will look at starting some photos after one more round of autos. Appreciate everyone tagging along and as always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That sounds great. You will enjoy that.

i love my grow room and you will love yours. should have my expansion build done today with beans dropped.

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Girls are looking amazing man really doing a great job

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Here we go with a week 9 update. Been a rough week battling the omnicron, but after 4 days in bed I’m back vertical. The tent has filled out pretty good even though they got a little neglect these past few days. Today was the first day they had water/food in 4 days.

Starting to specs of amber in the golden pistol pheno.

The mutants are still pumping. The buds look horrible but they are frosty. If nothing else, they will make butter.

The rest are slowly getting fatter and trichomes are starting to cloud pretty good.

I may be off but I’m figuring about 2-3 dry zips per plant this round (not counting mutants). I am 100% confident the quality this round is going to blow away the last though. The aromas coming from the tent this grow are stronger and much sweeter and floral scent, the buds are more consistent in size throughout the plants, higher trichome production in general, and just healthier looking plants overall.

This week I’ll be watching the trichomes daily and and start water only for the duration. Everyone stay healthy and as always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow beautiful girls and great color

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