RetiredSFC, 2nd Grow

4/6 now

6/6 BABY!!! :love_you_gesture: The journey has started.


Let’s goo excited 4 u

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Batting 1000

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For those that watched the last grow, below are the totals for last 2 plants of that half-grow.

Trimmed bud: 8.5oz

Kief: 9g (second time I tried sifting)

Oil: 8g (first time making oil)



Nice work👍

Two weeks since dropping seeds in soil. 6/6 on germination and everything seems to be coming along as expected.


Hello beautiful babies

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Hello you beautiful people. Little update for everyone.the girls are all growing with 2 little mutants struggling to catch up. They been getting water once a day before lights out at 6.5-6.8 ph. Raised the light a few inches to try and get a little more stretch today.

So my original plan was to run the “one shot” the entire time but after watching some videos, picked up some herculean harvest for when they start flowering.

And now what everyone wants.

Thanks for following along and as always,

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Growing smoothly

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Well my friends, it’s 4 weeks since seeds were dropped in soil. This week all except the 2 mutants were topped and today 3 got a little lst. My little shorty didn’t get any last and will probably start her next week after a little Defoe. I also started the herculean harvest and plants seem to be reacting well to it.

Then we have the mutants. I should probably pull them but my last mutant ended up producing 4oz of very nice bud. These are a little behind it though.

This coming week I’m looking to add a little Medusa magic to the feeding and that will be my entire nutrient lineup (one shot, Medusa magic, herculean harvest). Thanks for following along and as always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Today is week 5 update. Start off with the 2 mutants.

They are still alive and growing. These girls will not be getting any lst or anything, figure stressing them in any way isn’t worth it. They will get nutes and water and whatever they produce is what I’ll take.

All the others seem to be growing nicely. This week I added madusas magic to the nute lineup. They all seemed to respond well and have started a good stretch except for my little short and thick chick.

No matter where I put her, she won’t stretch.

The other 3 look like they love the Nectar for the God’s. For those just checking in, the medium is FFOF with Nectar for the God’s “one shot”. After ground break I began adding “Herculean Harvest”. Now into flower, I’m adding “Madusas Magic”. This has been a very simple plan, add nutes every watering and ph to 6.8.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the rest of the year, next update 2022. And as always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Girls are looking good sir

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Happy New Year and welcome to week 6 update. All the ladies had a decent stretch this week and seem to love the Madusas magic.

First off the mutants. They still look sad.

The short chick got a nice stretch this week.

The other 3 ladies are coming along as expected and and starting to even out the canopy.

Will continue the same routine, 30ml herculean harvest and 3tsp Madusas magic per gallon every other day with watering. The one shot seems to be doing its job along with the ffof, I have not adding any nitrogen. Hoping everything continues smoothly and as always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Girls r looking good and happy new years

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Appreciate it, still trying to catch up on yours.

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Just go to the end I got 2 finish my 1st indoor grow

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My little short chick starting to show a little color and Frost :open_mouth::heart_eyes:

Looks a little purple, look purple to any one else?