RetiredSFC, 2nd Grow

So today was the day. 6 LSD autos from the good folks here at ilgm. Little overview; 4x4 tent in my heated/cooled 10x16 shop, cheap Amazon 6in exhaust pulling from the tent and ac infinity 6in with carbon filter pulling out of the shop, lighting is California light works solar extreme 1000 (800w), medium is fox farms ocean forest in 3 gal cloth, nutrients will be Oregons Only Nectar for the God’s One shot. Temps will be 80-85 during lights on and cooling down to around 65-75 during lights out. Will be running on 18/6 cycle for the duration. Humidity will fluctuate 30-40% on sunny days and 65-75% and rainy days. Germination is the good old fashioned drop a seed in some soil and water.

Things I learned from my first grow and a half that I’m bringing with me this round.

  1. The auto I topped produced the best quality and quanity of the first round. In light of that, all plants will be topped.

  2. In my opinion, LST sucks when using cloth buckets. You either fill to the brim with soil, or the bags fold in when tied making it harder to water. After topping, trellis will be used.

  3. Buds get heavy, the plant I topped snapped a bamboo support kinda heavy. Trellis net for the 2 birds 1 stone.

  4. For the half grow, which was the point when I realized that I needed to have more than 3 autos in my 4x4. That consisted of trying coco for a round. I realized that with my job, I can’t water every single day. That’s how I arrived at the FFOF for a medium. Plus the local nursery carries FFOF and HF and give veteran discount. Two 38 quart bags, $46 out the door :wink:

  5. Nutrients can be complicated for me yet I know they shouldn’t be. One shot to the rescue. I’m hearing for autos this stuff works great for the duration but can be top dressed if needed. Sounds too good to be true so I’m about to find out.

  6. Time is one of the most valuable thing I have. I accepted a promotion at my job during my last grow that consumed a lot of it. The money isn’t always worth it, I’m back in my old position with more home time. Hopefully these ladies won’t get as neglected as the last.

Will tag the folks that made it all possible the first round a little later and as as always

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture: :crazy_face:


@SilvaBack203 @JJ520 @Flying-High @TheVirginian @dbrn32 @MeEasy @Covertgrower @Getch357


Always!! :sunglasses::drooling_face:


Great 2 hear the knowledge u gained and everything. Set 2 watch my brother…

Stay sticky 4 sure

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Been there, done that. No pockets in a shroud my friend. Spend as much time at home with the people that matter. Those are the times that your folks will remember and cherish the most :raised_hands:


I’ll grab some supplies :popcorn: 🧋 :chocolate_bar: RoorRip and I’ll be watching


Thanks for the tag set to watch✌️


Best of luck on this one!


hey man mind if i hang around?


Be glad to have you bud :+1:

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I :heart::heart: any form of LSD so I’ma hang out and watch :metal:

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1 for 6 so far.

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Try bent wire staple to set the branches. Makes life much easier. Throw in part of a tomato cage and you are set.

I hope a couple more seeds pop. Are temps nice and warm? Sometime placing a clear cup or plastic over the seed will help with moisture & temps. Fingers crossed.

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I use these they work pretty good and are cheap

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Temps have been kinda cool at night for germination, figure that’s what is kinda slowing them down.

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I was looking for those the other day. Someone posted something similar but were labeled ties for fencing. I was wondering if they have enough weight and grip to hold them down in coco. :+1:

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@MeEasy looked a little closer. 8 gauge s/b plenty heavy.

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@beardless some of the more hardy plants do pull them up a bit but normally by that time I can use soft tie from the top of the pots to hold them down. I have some tomatoe cages I need to cut up and use just haven’t done it, lazy ass


3/6 now :love_you_gesture:

We rolling now

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