RetiredSFC 1st Time Grower

High was very heady, I’d describe as a strong alcohol like buzz with a slight stoned feeling.

Taste at the time is very earthy pine with floral notes during softer draws. I’m expecting more floral taste as it cures out.

Smell is not real strong at the moment but is getting more vibrant each day. Slight skunky pine with floral hints while still together. After grinding, pungent skunkyness with stronger floral scent.

Total weight from this lady was 64g not counting samples trim and larf. Not bad for my first plant and expecting 4-5 Oz each from my other 2 ladies which are much denser and and generally thicker over all.


Great man. That smell only gonna get better. You got the best weed ever gets u drunk and high at the same time.

Once it’s fully cured you gonna be stuck counting stars :rofl::rofl:


Just stopping by and hoping all is well Sgt. God bless and God speed


All is good, work been kicking my butt past couple months. Decided to go back to old position and have a little more time off. All 3 of the original afghans have been harvested for a total of 249 grams of trimmed smoke.

Harvested 2 skunks 3 days ago that are currently drying.

Samples from this beauty are potent.

Will be starting a new journal pretty soon, 6 LSD autos in ffof/nectar for the gods. Pretty curious how they do with it since it’s water only. Back to work I go and as always

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture:


Glad 2 hear everything is well. Those bud looks amazing. Tag me in when u start the new journey man

Stay safe and God bless

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Round 2. Couldn’t figure out the tag stuff, I’m stoned.


Awesome job!