RetiredSFC 1st Time Grower

“DANNNNNG man, what you feeding those things??? MIRACLE GROW???” (ducks for incoming thrown objects from every forum member :smiley: )

They’re looking more sat than unsat :wink: Nice looking ladies !

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Just a quick update, full update this weekend some time.

4/5 on germination of the autos I dropped an few days ago. Going to give the last one a few more days and see if she pops out.

The 3 afghan have straight up exploded in growth and flower.


So, I’m off work and got time for a decent update.

First off, 5/5 on germination on the new drop. 70/30 coco/perlite in 3 gal fabric.

The older girls, they have blown up and the smell is amazing.

They got a feeding of ff trio today with just a touch of grow big. 1600ish at 6.4ph in and 1300ish 6.2ph out.

Oh, apera p60 came in this week so been using it now.

Below is my idea of exploding. I may be wrong but they look to be exploding to me :thinking::thinking:.

38 below ground. :point_down::point_down:

As always,

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture: :crazy_face:


Thank you for your service and good luck…

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Gonna fill up nice

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Damn, it’s been a rough week. The ladies have been a little neglected this week and the heat has been brutal. Today they got a little trim and spread.

Some of the larger colas are starting to fill nicely.

Hopefully next week I won’t have to work 60+hours.


This cola is getting thicker everday


So a little experiment I done with a little low branch. Figured what the hell, I’ll toss it in a little bit of dirt and water and see what happens.

And there she is 9 days later.


Just dirt and water and it rooted out like that nice

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Up on the DMZ they say “Stands Alone!”

2nd ID in the land of the Morning Calm? Or Washington state.


Washington state used to be 5-2 now its 2-2… missthe good ol days


Just a quick update since I’m off today. My babies that sprouted on the 18th of Aug. Are looking ok but one is going to be a monster. They were all topped after this little girl took off after topping.

My big girls are starting to get fat. Hoping they fill in nice and thick.

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture:


Nice job


Okay, another update since my pics sucked. For those that don’t remember my little mutant girl

Fast forward a little. This is what happens when you listen to the knowledge in this community.

My other 2 are a little lankier than the midget chick with multiple 18" classic.

And last and least “Baby Girl Grut”. For something I decided to throw in a water bottle, she looks pretty happy in the new home after a few days of settle in time.

The agenda today was feeding and little lst work on the little ones. They just decided to hitch along the way so I’ll throw a pic here and there of them.



So work has been killing me and a little behind on an update. So here’s a few pics. Had a little burn and ph adjustments but all is going as well as could be expected considering my schedule the last month.

1 is getting pretty close and the other 2 are a little behind the other. Tent is now full.


Nice killing it


Hope all is well Sgt did u chop the ladies down

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Brother @SilvaBack203, work has been killing me. Everytime I start to think this stuff sucks Im going back to what I use to do, I get paid :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::grin:. I chopped one of my afghan autos a little early just for the sole fact I didn’t have a hybrid or saliva started at the time and wanted something a little more head than body. The other 2 are still going strong with my little fat mutant chick looking like the hulk. Sorry for no photos, it’s my 70hr week this week and next week.

My little sour kush autos have filled my tent and my skunk has began to stink to the level of a mixture of cat piss and ammonia with hints of skunk and pine. This little girl is throwing trichomes to the point that I told my girl to rub a leaf and she had to wash her hands.

I’m going to post some pics tomorrow but below is some older pics I took just never had the time to post.

Sucker samples.

Random graffiti from work.

Early harvest.


I’m thinking the mutant fat chick will be the next victim and always…

STAY STICKY MY FRIENDS :love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:


Always nice been busy because of work,just got embrace the sucking lol. Glad everything ok though and nice. Got love that random smell they throw at you.

That’s a nice bud how was the high?

If you think it’s time chop it up lmao…

Happy growing stay safe

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