Retired w/ 3x3 am i doing?

OK, where it all started….I was hearing about people making their own edibles; I’ve always loved the chocolate bars but most of the edibles have a weird after taste. However, the thought of making my own that way I could get rid of the after taste….oh this could be good. I made my first batch of butter and then cookies and OMG…I was in heaven. I wanted to make another batch and my husband told me if I wanted to continue I was going to have to grow my own. And this is a joke because I can kill almost any plant….but the next dispensary I went into there on the counter was a jar full of seeds….i took it as a sign and bought a package. When my husband seen them he said that I shouldn’t waste my time….I’m retired, and don’t have much to do at all, so why not waste some time…. I took 1 seed and put it on a paper towel and put it in a small tupperware and then put that in a ziplock bag in the back of the cabinet…2 days later I had a tap root!! We had some potting soil, so I put it in solo cup with the potting soil and set it outside…and in 2 days I had a leaf!!! I set it outside to get some sun and it was coming along; probably two weeks old a big wind hit it and it was gone. So I tried again……single seed, exact same process but my husband bought a planter for it so that it couldn’t get turned over. It was coming right along and my husband was getting concerned what people might think and told me if I was really interested in this, maybe we could buy me a tent and the stuff to grow….maybe that would be my thing in retirement.

And so the journey began……we watched video after video and we bought the tent with the ventilation and fans. Got it all set up; transplanted the plant into the good soil in the cloth pot and he granted me with balls….the plant was male. Took a trash bag and away he went. Hubs said heck with it, plant all those seeds and order some good ones….That is when I found this website. I ordered my Lemon Haze Auto seeds and they are on their way. This is the story of the last seeds to which I will wait to see their sex.

The story starts with 5 seeds; 4 from a dispensary and 1 from days gone by. On 8/3 I put each seed on a paper towel in a Tupperware container inside a zip lock. The initial purchase included Foxfarms Ocean Forest soil so once the seeds created their tap root on 8/5, I put them in solo cups with the FFOF. Between 8/7 and 8/8 four out of five plants came through the soil. After seven days of no growth, the fifth seed was investigated and found to have never grown past the tap root.

Now we are growing away; ….i’m such a data guru….this site fits me well!

Here is what I have so far…
Tent: 3x3x72 Gorilla
Light: HLG 300 Rspec
4" Jet Fan w/4" carbon filter
2 6" clip on fans
Temperature and Humidity gauge

Plants are in 5 gallon cloth pots (3 weeks old tomorrow) in Foxfarms Ocean Forest soil

Chemicals I will be using at prob week 5 or 6?
BioCanna BioVega
BioCanna BioFlores
BioCanna BioBoost

Items I need to purchase:
PH Meter…I think I’m going with the Apera that includes the solutions
Dehumidifier…not a problem at this time but will need one soon

Suggestions please…


You have yourself a great setup and healthy looking plants!


Great start l will follow along.

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What a great beginning. I too grow for my meds and it’s a life saver. So many options…

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Thank you! Great to hear!!

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Looks good, nice start!

I’d get rid of the jack stand and just hang the fan upside down using a rope ratchet hanger, will clear up the floor space used by the jack stand.

Fan with base removed hanging upside down

Other side of ratchet hanger at top corner of the tent

2 fans hanging in the back corners, makes for a nice cross-breeze over the tops of the plants, can put the power cord behind a pole to give you some control over where fan is pointing.


You’re going to love the 300 r spec I own four of them they’re great :v:


Very nice set up. Now the journey begins the only thing I didn’t see on your list of things to get was a PPM/TDS meter.

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That tent looks like it could use a staircase

Congratulations on the set up


Thanks much for the suggestion! We didn’t like the fan being up against the tent so my hubs thought of the jack stand. Hanging them gets them off the floor and we love that!


Oops…yep I need that too!

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I have a 3x3x7’ gorilla tent and love it. You were able to use the extension - very nice. You did well with your purchases. You skipped over all of the intro lights and right to the jackpot. I am also retired and really enjoy growing.
the tent with four purple haze

I enjoy growing so much I needed some bonus space. Put an unused upstairs bath back into service

I have a 32x72" closet for three more plants under construction. It will have three HLG 260 rspecs.
Having fun. I hope you do to. Welcome to the community. Yell if you have questions or need help. Lot of great people around here.


Congratulations, you’re setup is fantastic. I also recently retired, and I really enjoy growing for my wife. I haven’t smoked in 30+ years. I use a cmh 315, but I really want to try an hlg. Maybe have to break into the retirement savings. My current GDP.