Results: First Smoke in Almost 40 Years! What was it like?

Results and questions:
White Widow CBD Auto from ILGM

So, I finally smoked the herb after curing it in Grove Bags for about 6 weeks.
I was anxious about getting ‘too anxious’ after hearing about how modern herb has high THC levels compared to what we smoked in the mid-70’s, so I went with the CBD plants.

My goal is starting marijuana smoking again (I used to smoke weed daily from 1973 thru 1977…but not since) I am 63 years old and have really been increasing my binge beer drinking these past 10 years.

Goals that I hope herb will help:
1.) i have insomnia a few nights per week
2.) I hate the way I feel when I wake up after drinking now that I am older- I want to quit binge beer drinking but need the ‘mood altering’ from something less damaging than alcohol.
3.) I need a ‘new’ knee; ‘not much cartilage left’ in my knee with pain, plus arthritic hip, and chronic low back pain.

so, I smoked my first bowl of White Widow CBD Auto last week. Results:
1.) very mild smoke, the Grove bags really cure it nice. smooth smoke.
2.) very subtle effect, overall. Not at all like drinking…much better!
3.)I have not had any craving for beer binging…smoking is much better.
4.) It made me feel calm
5.) It made me do some creative work thatI had been putting off.
6.) It made food taste AMAZING!
7.) It made sex feel INCREDIBLE!
8.) It made me sleep WONDERFULLY! Slept straight thru the night all 3 times I’ve smoked since last week.
9.) I did notice a ‘tiny’ bit of paranoia (or maybe that was just good sense) example: I was cranking up some old Grateful Dead tunes I hadnt listened to in years…sounded great…and briefly thought ‘better lower the volume’, like I was a teenager again. Also, the state I live in is an old-fashioned east coast/mid-Atlantic state where its not really legal, so, smoking on my boat in Maryland or on my deck in an adjacent state did make me conscious of the smell.
9.) It is super mild, overall. So much in fact, that I am ready to try some ‘higher THC’ or different strains.

Now, one thing it hasnt done…and wanted your feedback. The whole ‘takes away or alleviates my physical pain’ thing is non-existent for me on the White Widow CBD Auto.

Also, Im smoking it out of a 4 inch glass bowl…towards the end of the bowl the smoke seems harsher…I’m thinking that for my long-term smoking I should go ‘vaporiser’?

Please comment on:

1.) recommendations: other strains I could try that maybe have just a bit more THC than WW CBD that I can get from ILGM, in Auto, but not, like, 25% THC
Can you recommend a strain with higher/moderate THC that is Auto and sold by ILGM?
2.) is there a spray or something I can spray to hide the smoke smell?
3.) i am overwhelmed at all the ‘Vapes’ on the market. dont know where to start. Any recommendations for a vape that is under $100 bucks?
4.) Those of you with ‘physical pains’ that herb helps…what strain helps your arthritis type pain? Or sore lower back? The White Widow CBD Auto doesnt touch the physical pain.
5.) does smoking ‘more’ in one setting…when it is mild like WW CBD Auto herb, make you more high or is there a ‘ceiling’. You know what I mean? Like, with drinking…you only get ‘so high’ and more booze doesnt get you higher…it just makes the hangover the next day worse.



any feedback greatly appreciated!



Any feedback greatly appreciated!


Edibles…Pick your extraction method.
NoOne knows but you aside from your bloodshot eye giveaway to those that know.


I have a PAX 3, I’ve had several $100 vapes in the past, and I’ve ended up here.

Vaporizers help with the smell.

It might help, worst case scenario you’ll go to sleep. Or get really sleepy… lol

You know, I don’t think this is mentioned enough in the forum, but I’ve found some strains to be better at both of these than others.

The paranoia is real for me, so I’m always cautious on which strain I keep, based on these symptoms. It’s the worst.


I’m a regular drinker. I’ll have a few vodkas a day. I smoke in the evening for sleep and after I’ve taken a hit I have absolutely no desire to drink. In fact, if I have an unfinished drink when I take a hit, the rest of the drink usually gets thrown out.

CBD helps me sleep. I don’t get to sleep quicker, but I sleep more deeply and now require less hours of sleep per night. Weed definitely helps me get to sleep more quickly without question.

I’m much like you in that I’ve not smoked weed at all since the early 1980’s.


For the OP and other old guys, myself included - please share strains, % D/% I, Terps. what is the commonality if there is such a thing.

Paranoia for myself, is mainly my overindulgence - nothing a short walk, or a few mins in the garden so I can talk myself down cant fix. Just have to remember not all stains have immediate effect, take a hit and hang in the shallow end.

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Vaporizers are great but you do need to be careful on the price point.

If you really want to hit that mark, the Planet of the Vapes “One” is a pretty safe bet.

If willing to spend a little more, Pax 3, and a little more than that, Crafty +. I have both and personally find the Crafty + far superior. Planet of the vapes currently has a 15% off sale running on all Storz & Bickel (Crafty) products.

The other inexpensive and outstanding option is a Dynavap. They work incredibly well and I use mine quite a bit. The only “downside” is you need a torch lighter to heat it. Its still a vaporizer and is easy to use, but does require fire. The upside is no dead batteries. :slight_smile:

Any of these options will help you reduce smell pretty dramatically, and since you’re not combusting, whatever is left when your done is already decarbed and ready to be use for edibles. Win-Win!


Karla makes a tincture. I place a drop or two under my tongue and the effects are immediate. I grow White Widow and Super Skunk for pain.


I have a ceiling. I’m not one who can smoke and stay high all day. I have some hobbies for example billiards that I love to smoke and shoot pool but I would not want to go drift in a hot rod. I’m retired in my middle 60s and have smoked albeit lightly since the 70s. I still love BIG head and body highs but usually once a day because I’m one of those that feel over indulging is a waste of smoke that has a much stronger effects first time in the day. So I usually have my stoned time in the afternoon or early evening and enjoy the feeling for the rest of the day.


I would describe the pain I am in 24/7 but its a 10 foot plus tall medical file at the VA Hospital.

My go to smoke for my debilitating pain is
G13 Peach Puree CBD. I have so many CBD strains I need to grow.

But from what I gather you want to replace alcohol for marijuana. If you can find it, Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD. This will get you so you can replace how alcohol feels for you to a marijuana head high. This strain will get you there.


I’d have to agree with @MrPeat

Just harvested both on his recommendations and they are now both my go to.

Peach Puree during the day and Super Critical Bud at night.


@FirstTimer1 You will like these two strains. I will list my CBD strains later tonight. PSA….Super Critical Bud CBD will floor you. It hits like a freight train.

I am currently growing a strain called
Tora Bora which is great st mowing down pain. I’m switching to CBD with certain strains I like making a salad bowl with.

I will tag you to several of my topics. :+1::+1::+1:


So as far as my all time favorite high THC strains go, I’d say Sour Diesel is my go to. I grew some Chocolope last grow and I really enjoy the head high this sativa gives me. Be sure to research some strains, as some are not all that beginner friendly and can be a bit finicky. Such was the Chocolope. Indicas will help you wind down at night and give you more of a body high. Sativa is more head high, great with coffee in the morning. I typically grow different strains each grow, I like having a variety on hand.

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What great responses…super helpful!
I really appreciate all the great feedback. Im gonna look into everything that you all just posted.


My wife has orange herijuana from dispensary that you would probably like, but I haven’t seen seeds for it. Harlequin is probably the closest I seen in stock.


I just ordered the Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporiser


Congrats! Be sure to report back how you like it. They’re pretty fast with shipping and very responsive on the service side too. You should have a good experience with the device, and with them if needed!

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I’m glad you finally enjoyed the fruits of your labor!! It’s so rewarding growing your own.

I am on much the same hunt just a little ahead of you. For the arthritis you may want to consider adding a topical. I have good luck with a salve for arthritis pain and cramping from Duputryns. Friends and family seem to like them also. They will provide only temporary relief and add heat, hot pepper for example if you want it to sink in more deeply. Just watch your eyes after you have it on your hands. And it works better after you use it for a while. Not sure why or the science involved. White Widow has worked well for this but it is strain dependent. The Jack Herer that I like for day time use for example does not produce a really effective balm. Great job getting product that you like to consume and keep us posted as you find things that you like.

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