Restarting Nutes after stopping prematurely

I’ve been feeding my Wedding Cake autos RO water since 9/8 because I thought harvest was coming up soon. looking at the trichs today, I think there’s still at least another 3-4 weeks before I hit couchock territory (what I’m looking for).

Is it worth it to restart Jacks nutes at 1/2 strength and eventually back to full? They’re 72 days into flower.


I wouldn’t start the nutes instead keep an eye on the buds lower on the branch that didn’t thicken up/ foxtail as much as they’re more accurate representations of how ripe your buds are internally

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Sure you can. You can also do a selective harvest. Take the upper branches and leave the lowers to ripen.

I agree. If you’re wanting couch lock, you have a few weeks left.

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