Restarting first grow

So I had to restart my grow.
Germination went great. 8/10 seeds popped.
I skipped the 50/50 soil to ffof and opted to go right to ffof off the bat as all my plants died in the original mix.
Here’s what I am working with-

Here is my strain-

Temp is 81
Humidity is 37% (may need a humidifier)

Hopefully you all can help so I can get through phase 2 this time

What do you grow pros recommend?


They are watered good for now. When should I water and how often?

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Water when dry. If just seedlings. I give a good soaking then let dry before watering again


So what soil are you using? Make sure to let the pot dry thoroughly before watering again. Make sure you pick up the pot and get a good feel for how it feels full and empty… Overwatering is probably the #1 killer of baby plants.


Foxfarm ocean fertilizer

Just bought a humidifier for the grow tent

Humidifier has brought the humidity up to 57%
What is a good humidity level?
Also after watering almost 48 hours ago the soil is just damp. When should I water next?

You should wait till the pot is almost completely dry before watering again. It’s best to pick up the pot and get an idea of the weight if it when full/dry.

My plants don’t have issues at 40% RH at 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit

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Humidity level is not that important, anywhere from 40-60RH is fine.

Water when the soil is dry and the container is light - think wet/dry cycles.

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Week 1

I got a few growers on my hands they reaching for the stars

When should I start a 18/6 day for the plants?

Not sure how to set these I even YouTube it. Right now doing it manually

I usually go to 18/6 after a week or so above ground.

This is about 14 days.
Am I where I should be at?

I checked the ph on the well water. It’s at 8.2 do I want to use the ph down?

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Yes it should be 6-6.5


Just add little ph down in the water until I hit 6-6.5?

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Yes, 6.5 ph for potting soil, though going lower for a few waterings (6.0-6-2) would help balance it out or just do a nice flush next watering with water ph’d to 6.5 til about 100-200% runoff to reset the ph.

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Thank you.
What about soil slush?
To early?
Fox farm ocean soil says no nutrients for 20-40 days

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