Resin, what do you do with it?


I just purchased a new glass bowl and was wondering how I was gonna clean it and it got me thinking. What am I gonna do with the resin once I have it. I used to smoke it, now when I clean my bong stem or whatever, I have a tray with resin just drying out on it. Maybe smoke it in hard times. So, what do you do with yours


I toss it.


If you really wanted to, you could clean it and extract the THC and active cannabinoids out of it.

I’m not sure if it is really worth it, but you could do it, it would still taste a bit smoky and “used”, but it would be a lot better than smoking the dried out ashy “tar”.

Check out the article posted, and pay special attention to the parts about “polar” and “non-polar” solvents, especially the part using n-Hexane and “cleaning” used “resin”.



Not sure if it would be worth the trouble to process it
At least imo
I also just toss it
Since i grow I always have something to smoke
Ill keep all my roaches but i have jars of them at this point as well i may never get to smoking them ?


I did a little research and it turns out that smoking resin is actually pretty bad for you, so looks like I’ll start tossing mine out as well