Resin Hairs with droplets


I am 82 days after going to 12/12. As I observe my trichomes checking for amber I notice what appears to be thin filaments of resin that seem to be growing out of my trichomes. Some of them just stick out into the air and some go from trichome to trichome. Some of these filaments have droplets on them. It appears that the resin is forming these filaments, they look to be made of the same stuff as the trichomes. I see no bugs of any kind.
Any ideas?


Can you get a picture please i would like to see it.


Sorry but I have no way of getting a picture of these guys, they are soooo small and thin.


When you post the same thing in multiple threads you really cut down the ability of people here to help you


Sorry, just thought the second post was in a more appropriate place.
I have been looking on line all day at several pictures trying to find
something similar.
I found the picture that is attached.
I’m almost thinking it is resin that has stuck to another part of the bud
and been stretched out making it look like threads.


how are your plants looking today?
is the bud the filaments appear on a healthy color or is it grey (gray), drying out or dying?

watch out for mold…it can look like what you describe, killing the plant around it, spreading quickly.
if it is mold, you have to cut out ALL signs of it, sometimes losing just part of a bud if caught early, sometimes the whole thing has to be chopped off and thrown away.


The top of one bud was starting to turn brown so I cut off the top of it and then looked at it under a microscope and discovered the hairs or filaments. These filaments have a little droplets on them and they seem to originate at a Trichome. It’s sort of looks like it could be resin


no one wants mold on their plants so I’m glad that isn’t the problem…but it is common at this stage of growth.

keep watching for death and decay on the buds, drying out trichomes and stalks and best wishes for a good harvest!


Thanks man!
What do you use as percentage of Amber trichs before you turn off the lights and cut? I’m hearing 20% Amber
Don’t want a body stone!
Thanks again


that’s a good point to harvest.

the body high associated with more amber is degrading thc…I don’t let it go much further than that…partly too because of impatience!:blush:


I hate to say it, but if you just found bud rot on a bud, and you’re seeing these “hairs with balls on the end”, then it would make me think your plants are getting mold or rotting. Just my opinion though, I hope it’s not for your sake!


Thanks for the response. I have been studying this situation pretty hard. I
cut the whole branch that the bud was on and am hanging it to dry in
another room I keep examining it and continue to see the little filaments.
The sugar leaves around this bud are dry and brown. Since I don’t see too
good any more it looked like the end of the bud was getting dry too. As I
looked at it just now, there is still green showing at the tip of the bud
if you look under the dried sugar leaves. I’m still seeing hairs or
filaments but I am not seeing anything that looks like it doesn’t belong
there. I assume you can see mold and mildew under a 60x microscope.
Again, thanks for your interest, I will keep posting as things develop.


Does it look anything like this?


No it doesn’t. Tte only thing that is visible to the naked eye is a little
browning which is mostly the dry sugar leaves curling up.
I have scoped it very carefully and I see no signs of anything else but
those little tiny filaments.
It looks so much like resin or whatever the trichomes are made of. Some of
them actually seem to be attached to or proceeding from the trichomes.
I really appreciate your help. I will keep a close eye on it and keep you
Thanks again!!


If the trichomes have bulbs on the end they are glandular trichomes, if they are long thin trichome stalks those are known as non glandular trichomes both can produce resin (which causes sticky buds).

Are you sure they aren’t just glandular trichomes?


Hey and thanks for the response!
Non glandular trichs actually sounds more like it. I wish I had the equipment to provide a decent picture! So good of you guys to take an interest in my problem! I am monitoring the situation closely and will post the progress. With ya’lls help I think I have eliminated a couple of possibilities. Time will tell!
Thanks again!!


Sounds like non glandular trichomes buddy I don’t think you have much to worry about…but just in case I’ll be watching your topic to make sure you come out ok

Here is a picture of glandular and non glandular trichome


Thanks again for your input. I have come to that same conclusion.
I’m about blind from scrutinizing this little bud. Whew!!!
Still waiting on trichomes to change. Hope I live long enough to see it
All the best and thanks again!


Your welcome happy growing my friend I’ll be watching your topic


Hey there!! I do appreciate your time and input regarding my questions
so,here is another one!
I am on day 90 since I went to 12/12. Three days ago I went to 10/14.
I still have very few amber trichs! Of course, on the bright side the buds
keep getting bigger every day so it is hard to complain but it is also a
killer to continue to wait! Have you ever heard of this before? I am
growing Robert’s gold leaf as well as white widow.
I try to take my sample from an older bud portion of the cola so as to not
be thrown off by new buds not being as mature. I have taken a few smaller
buds to start to dry and the trichs on them are not changing either. Could
I be living on the site of an ancient indian burial ground? Any ideas?