Reservoir too hot

My resorvoir is going up to 100 degrees, because of the lights. Can someone suggest an inexpensive water chiller or another way to cool the water?

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Frozen water bottles and insulate the reservoir.

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The frozen bottles work, if you can change them every 3-4hrs. After losing several crops to root rot, I decided that water chillers weren’t THAT expensive. I have 3 of them in my flower room. They have gone up, but considering the alternative, they aren’t that much.


Heya. I had the same problem with res temps. I used an exhaust fan to draw air across the top of my res water. This will also increase room humidity if air is vented into grow space.
This coupled with running the lights at night worked great for me.
The water bottle thing is good if you don’t mind switching them out frequently.
I used 1 gal. Water bottles. The bigger the better if you have room in the res.
If your pump is inside the res you may wanna move it to outside res. It helps a lot.

I am currently in the process of making a diy chiller
I’m using an old $50 mini fridge w/ freezer I got from a yard sale.
I purchased 75’ feet of the cheapest garden hose I could find.
Left hose coiled up and simply put it in the fridge after removing all the shelves.
Drilled 2 holes in the side of mini fridge for in and out lines.
Hooked a cheap pump up to it and I let it circulate my res water thru the mini fridge/freezer.
I think it will work great and very cheap. So far I have managed to keep a 10 gallon tote at 70 F on my back porch that sits in direct sunlight.

As far as a chiller they range from about $300 usd and up depending on your system size.


Thank you

Yea I wrapped my bucket in Mylar bubble wrap and definitely keeping the temps down along with running at night very rarely need to ice it down.

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The outside air did the trick. Res temps stay between 63 to 67 now. Doing great. Think as it gets colder (20f here in the winter) I’ll make a cold air intake for the air pumps and try that way.

How many rdwc Buckets (500gph cycle) would that chiller do?

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But idk $700 + cost of running. How many watts does that thing pull?

Just now sold on a chiller yet ya know.

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I believe that particularly one does 100gal. A smaller one would work for you at less cost

I’ll def have to look into a smaller one of these. I run a separate flower and veg area so I would be buying 2 of them.

I also kinda made a chiller. Still doing some testing on it. Working on gettin it dialed in where I need it before I actually add it to the system.

I used 100’ feet of garden hose coiled up.
Dried 2 holes in the side of a $50 mini fridge.
And connected it to a 25g tote filled lol.

So far so good. Keeping my water between 60 and 70. Just gotta dual it in now ya know.

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I keep my veg room about 65°f and don’t use one in veg. I also have air cooled hoods, which helps

Nice. I guess I got air cooled res? Lol

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