Reservoir cleaning during grow cycle

Is it necessary to clean the reservoir during the grow cycle? And if so, how can it be done without stressing the plants? This is a cash crop 4.0.

H2o2 straight ph’d water like a normal flush give it a read but think this would accomplish same goal. :slight_smile:


Really good read ty Donaldj

Interesting read.
I really admire your results, appreciate your advice, respect the time you invest…enough praise.:wink:
Do you use H2O2 as regularly as mentioned in the article?

I do use H2o2 but I usually don’t start using it unless I have an issue since if you can control res temp and airflow it may not be required once you start using it you have to continue with it.

@Donaldj what do you think? I was thinking of the benefits of H2 and was wondering if dropping a H2 tablet in my sprayer before watering my soil would have the same effect

If you are using organic blend or any good bacteria then h2o2 should be avoided

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Ah that makes sense

Very Interesting. Have you tried this?

Which part I do add H2o2 in my dwc res and cloner have never bothered in soil since I use myko in my soil and may kill it

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