Research prior to first grow

A question from a fellow grower:

Just so you know I am still only in the research part prior to putting down my first grow. The information provided I’m sure will be a great help to me. I have decided to grow indoor, DWS hydro. Like I said I’m just getting set up. I do have a question though.

Since this will be my first grow I’m looking at using an auto flowering seed at first just to make sure everything is running good before I step it up a bit. I am waiting on a grow tent that’s 6’x4’x6’ height. I’m using 1200 watts mhd bulbs (not sure if that’s the right format for the bulds) with a top fed feeder. I have proper intake and exhaust. I’m wondering though how many plants I could start in this space? I have read that auto flowers are lower typed plants? My ideal goal is to get about 1-2 pounds per grow if possible? This is the area that I’m stuck on at the moment.

I am on my first indoor, DWC, grow myself.
This site recommends a feminized plant to start.
autos can be too temperamental, a small mis-step on your part can bring big changes, potentially disappointing results

your space can support 4-6 plants, but best to learn with 2-3.

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As @kabongster stated photoperiod plants are your best bet to learn with. I personally recommend new growers to start with a good soil grow or a soil type medium. DWC is easy to maintain once you get the hang of it but doing a soil grow gives you the opportunity to learn how the plants develop in different stages of life. Also the soil acts as a buffer to allow you to correct issues that will arise on your first grow a little easier than Hydro will allow.

Don’t let this scare you off from Hydro by any means, just some friendly advice for first grow :slightly_smiling:

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