Requesting Criticism/Advice for 1st-time Grower (AK-47)

Hello ILGM Community!

  • So I’ll try to keep my first post as short and sweet as I can: I am a first time grower who is tending to a single AK-47 plant in a pot, using light from both indoors and outdoors. She has been growing for roughly 10 weeks now (I got the plant around mid-May '18), and currently stands 25" tall. I’ve done as much reading and learning as I possibly can about basic upkeep to maintain a healthy plant (what types of nutes/how much, how much water and how often, types of soil, nutrient deficiencies, the list goes on…) and so far I think I’ve done a pretty decent job. She started out in a 1 gal pot when I got her (had already been transferred once from pot size unknown) and I transferred her to a 5 gal pot the day I got her, as I was directed from person I got the plant from.
  • Fast-forward about 10 weeks until today, and there have been no signs of root rot or nutrient deficiences or pests. The only stress she has faced was a moderate sunburning from a hot day in the sun (about 95 degrees F for most of the day), but that was 3-4 weeks ago and has since made a beautiful recovery (supplemented nutrients with a bit of Neptune’s Harvest seaweed extract as I read it helps plants recover from/prevent heat stress).
  • So about 3 days ago, I transplanted her from the 5 gal pot to a 10 gal plastic pot. She did show some mild signs of shock, which I had anticipated, and seems to be doing pretty well. My main concern here is that even though she looks healthy, I’m just generally worried that she might have some stunted growth. For the initial recovery, I let her sit under a 200w fluorescent bulb for 2 days because I also read that it’s not good to put plants in direct sunlight directly after transplanting (is this true?)
  • Bottom Line: I have some pictures of her here that I took today, and I really just want to try and have a discussion so I can learn how to make the rest of this grow go as smoothly as possible, and to see if I’m even doing it right.

Posted some pics below! I think she looks good, but I think I may be having an issue with uniform growth because of the size of certain canopy leaves. Thank you!!


She is a Beaut to me! Gosh i hope my WWA comes out the same. Only a couple days. N i rotate her outside a few hours a days (indirect sunlight for the baby of course). What kind of light schedule did you use? And do you know if it is ILGM WWA?

Hey Purp!

I do not know if its ILGM AK, I actually didn’t buy the seeds. The plant was actually a gift and by the time I had gotten it, it had already germinated and had the first 2 or so layers of leaves already. I started it out on a 24-hour light schedule, and then a few weeks ago I switched it to the standard 18/6 light cycle. I’m on the east coast, so I try to give it as much natural sunlight as I can, and once it hits dusk/dark, I take it into my house and leave it under a fluorescent light to complete the last few hours of the light cycle. Once that’s done, I just turn the light off, go to bed, and the next day begins!

Since I just transplanted it, I’m gonna go off of what I’ve read and give it 3-4 weeks to fully grow into the new size pot. By then, I think it will be time for me to look into changing the light/dark schedule again to start the flowering stage.

If its an auto no need for light schedule change. But it may help start the transition at least. 10 weeks if veg is hella long for an auto if you ask me but i have no clue. Just know it looks lovely

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My baby getting her allotment before the rains kick up

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Thanks man! To my knowledge, it isn’t an auto-flowering plant. I was told when I got it to have it on a light schedule, so that’s what leads me to believe that it isn’t. But then again I’m still very much a beginner

Im so blonde! I got this page missd up with another i was just looking at! Forgive me! AK and photo :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:

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Same here man. I havent even done this journal…

Plant looks good. Maybe a bit hungry. You’ll have growth like that from not enough light. Being outdoors, after her shock from transplanting and real sunlight, she’ll start to fill out (assuming she gets more than 12hrs of light/day).

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Yes she definitely does. I dont have the means to put my lights on a timer, but I do the best I can to keep the plant on schedule whether it’s with natural or artificial light.

In terms of it being hungry, I’ve thought that too. I’ve noticed a few purple spots on the stem and some leaf stems, but not all of them. I was thinking it could be a Mag deficiency, or its just the plant…not sure

As for the non-uniform growth, lighting I thought may have been the issue too. I dont use a light reflector (because poor), so I was thinking of trying to make a cheap one with aluminum foil

She looks good and healthy @Mr.Green
Dont use aluminum foil it can create hot spots
If you want a cheap light reflector buy a Mylar emergency blanket

You might even have one if you have a first aid kit in the house :wink:
Flat brite white paint is also a great option that is relatively inexpensive

Welcome to the forum :v:️CB


Never would have thought of a Mylar blanket. Thanks a bunch!

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I would have toped her a few times by that night if you top her now she will bush out for you more node = more bud lol.

Read up on the technique called “supercropping” as it will increase the yield of your plant dramatically.

Your plant looks happy and healthy. As long as you keep the PH in range with a good meter and don’t over do it with the nutes you will have a great crop!

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