Request thoughts on JHAF still in Veg at 7 weeks?

Hi all,
Any suggestions are welcome about this tall Jack Herer AF, it is tall and looks to be still in veg’ at 7 weeks. Could it be a stray seed perhaps? Or can this happen with AFs?

The plant in the left of photo is a JHAF at 13 weeks old. I nearly tossed it as it was a weak looking seedling. It has turned into a mighty specimen.


Most autos usually between 28 and 35 days believe @Oldguy. Said he had one god for 50 something days before it started flower.

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@Mark0427 Not me brother. I’ve had a few in the past go 40 ish days but usually by 8 weeks they should be starting to show.
Saw where a Ww auto went 3 months once before it started.


Sometimes. The auto gene may not be as strong with this version.


I just harvested 2 JHAF at 12 1/2 weeks one was 37 inches tall and the other was 25 inches tall.

Autos can have delayed flowering. I’ve had several different strains that took 7-8 wks to start bloom. You can try to see if 12/12 will flip em, but a long veg for autos is not uncommon.

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