Request for type of plant to start with

Some advice please. I’m looking to first time, grow a plant or two outside for personal use.
The desired effect is calming/good feeling but still operational. (like after two margaritas) Not comatose on the couch.
any help is appreciated

It’s getting a little late to start a photo period grow especially if you haven’t ordered seeds yet but autos are on the table white widow is very forgiving that would be my suggestion

My first thought was also white widow. ILGM buy 10 get 10 free. You could have a forest.
Pest management is critical for outdoor grows. Read up and be prepared. Have DT & Spinosad at the ready and use as preventative

White widow gorilla glue are the once I know


I’ll 2nd or third the White Widow. It was my first grow. Easy. Had it tested. 10% THC 5% CBD.

thx for the help

I live in a warm climate with strong sun in summer and the plant will be outdoors. It it best to have plants in indirect sunlight or direct sun?
thx for your help…

White widow is perfect for the climate full sun after seedling