Request expert guidance on how to proceed

@BIG_B Thanks for that. Trying to learn as I go.
In your opinion, is there a good place to go and get my degree (or at least participation trophy) in finishing, harvesting, and curing?
As far as training and defoliation, continue down this path? I have been pulling tops outward and selectively removing some leaves shading tops.

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Day 8 since flip.

Fed and watered today with FF Trio, Open Sesame, Micro Boost, and Cal Mag: 2.5G at 6.7/1510 in, 5C at 5.0/5240 out. Extreme numbers out. Concern?
I am continuing to pull tops out & down and selectively pick leaves.
Technically, is it called flowering immediately upon switch to 12/12? Is the two week stretch counted as part of flowering?

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I have been studying up on this forum and other Internet sites, so I get confused on where I read different things. Still learning a lot and am very grateful to many: @BobbyDigital and @oldmarine for their comments on this thread. Also, I have read through two excellent threads -
@OldGypsy 's First grow in 25+ years. THC!(Things Have Changed!)
@oldmarine 's One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready and Four to Grow.
Currently I am working through @Hellraiser 's
Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff. TONS of info there. I will be studying this one for a long time, as it is an extensive thread.
I have learned a tremendous amount from these folks, their contributors, and many others out there, so thank you very much. Unfortunately in many cases I am learning after the fact.
Fed yesterday FF Trio (week 6), Open Sesame, Micro Boost, and Cal Mag like last time, but added FF Kelp Me and 2T unsulfured molasses: 2.5G at 6.5/1900 in, 8.5C at 5.6/3140 out, which I like better than the last numbers.
RH 45-65%, 72-81F over the course of most days and nights.
I read @Hellraiser 's discussion of insect pests, so I placed a yellow sticky fly trap (battling cucumber beetles outside) in the pot and put slices of potato on the soil. Surprised at how many tiny critters were in there. I had no idea!
So, before watering yesterday I sprinkled a tablespoon of Mosquito Bits on the soil and replaced the trap. No bugs on the trap this morning. Hopefully the bits worked. I will put more potato slices in today and see what I see.
I switched to 12/12 13 days ago and she has grown quite a bit. Also, I may see the beginnings of flowering?
Should I cease LST? The branches are stiffening.
Below are the plants as of yesterday. Notice the last one - how much it is drooping immediately after watering.


You taken some good advice and run with it. You could put up another net to help further separate your bud sites. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Looking spectacular.


Yeah this far into flowering I’d cease any further LST.

The drooping after watering would concern me if that’s a consistent thing, could be a sign of over watering (or they’re just very satisfied LOL), how long does the droop last?

The plant looks great though and very healthy.

@oldmarine I appreciate that, thanks.
Another net makes great sense. I have read a few places (pardon me, the info and sources are mixed up in my brain) about a post-three week defoliation, and at this point I am presently inclined in that direction. Perhaps then add a second net?

Thank you @Hellraiser. Copy that on LST. And the drooping reminded me of your overwatering experiment.
This is the first time I’ve noticed drooping. I did not get to check on her for a couple hours afterward but when I did she was normal. Could it be too much volume at once, or at least volume past what was required (too much run off) and the temporary saturation of the soil. I don’t think it was water temperature because it was about 75°. Collected rain water from outside. Seems to me the water should always be about the same temperature as the soil. I know I don’t like taking a dip in cold water. Regardless, I will be more vigilant with watering.

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You get a three week stretch during transition and first week of flower. If you use something like tribus you can make 10 days look like this.

Documented in my main journal.


Would not worry about it then, over-watering droop is more of a constant thing that does not go away til problem is fixed and roots recover.

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@Budz Thank you for your input. Lots of growth in ten days!
What is tribus? Internet search comes up with a beer company :beer:
I was going I look at your journal, but it looks like you have quite a few. Of which one were you referring?

Most of them I quit once I learned something that told me it wasn’t as economical as whatever I changed too. The longest running is half my horrid first grow then where I’ve learned a thing or two.

Search tribus original. Should be the first thing to pop up

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Thank you!
I used an inoculant (as we do with all our flowers and vegetables) on the root ball upon transplant. Now, upon further investigation, they make a good case they must be continually replenished. Truth?
@Budz, how often do you apply? And at what rate? Looks like from the label it is .5 ml per gallon up to every feeding.
Courting this girl is getting pricey! Shouldn’t try to buy her love I guess. Seem to remember a song about that subject several decades back…

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I do 2ml per week. @Hellraiser is currently testing 1ml per feed on his coco thread. Which would be 7ml per week

The granular innoculant types you speak of actually need time to be fully effective. But have been found to be effective enough even in the short life of cannabis. Since they are dried out. They are most effective after a 6 month breeding time.

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Ah, so these tribus ones are “ready to rumble“?
Great info, thanks.

I run 1ml/gallon during veg and switch to slf-100 5ml/gallon during flower.

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Tribus is rhizobacteria that helps with root development and nutrient uptake. Once I hit flower there’s no need for more root growth. SLF-100 is enzymes that break down salts and aid in nutrient uptake. Also helps stop salt buildup when growing non organic.

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Wow, so many baubles for our gals… I can get sucked in because I want things as good as they can be, within reason.
Again, sounds plausible. Do you flush with it also?

Also, I am slowly working through @Hellraiser ‘s log. As those who are following his log know, there is a ton of information there, some of which takes a while for me to digest. Consequently, I am only on about post 250 of 7421 and building.

@BobbyDigital is mostly correct on tribus. Tribus contains numerous different bacteria. It does largely help root growth. But it also greatly increases the roots ability to uptake nutrients throughout the entire length of your grow.

“Rhizobacteria are root-associated bacteria that form symbiotic relationships with many plants. The name comes from the Greek rhiza, meaning root. Though parasitic varieties of rhizobacteria exist, the term usually refers to bacteria that form a relationship beneficial for both parties.”

Tribus® Original Is a combination of naturally occurlng plant growth promoting rhizobacteria that colonize the root zone of plants and increase growth by enhancing macro and mlcronutrient avallablllty. The high concentration of bacteria in Tribus® Original populate the area on and near plant roots, increasing plant productivity In all environments. Tribus® Original is compatible with all growing medias and fertilization programs.

There are no findings as to where the slf is a better choice in flower for inert/hydro environments. Tribus helps keep a super soil living though. Much more than any product I’ve encountered yet and would highly recommend it for any soil grow beginning to end. Not something you flush. In soil tribus continuation would be significantly more beneficial especially if you intend to reuse the soil.

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